No Warp-Ends Checkerboard Bracelet Package

Make a beautiful beaded checkerboard bracelet with Delica beads using a Mirrix Loom with the No Warp-Ends Kit. This kit allows you to weave a piece without having to weave the warp ends back in. This method makes weaving beaded pieces even faster and easier with the same stunning results as you get with any project on a Mirrix Loom.

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Weave a stunning bracelet with no warp ends to finish! The No Warp-Ends Kit eliminates the need to weave-in warp ends when bead weaving. It is perfect for using with any kind of warp material including wire. Set up with this kit is very easy and once you have it in place, you can weave as many pieces as you want (as long as they are the same size) using the same set up. Also included is our beautiful beaded checkerboard bracelet kit with 11/0 Delica beads in eight gorgeous permanent finish colors with a background color of metallic green/bronze mixed beads. The edging bead is a lovely rich permanent galvanized 15/0 bead.

Package includes:

No Warp Ends Kit:

  • Two stainless steel metal bars
  • Three yards of texslov cord
  • 20 s-hooks (with these you can make a piece 19 warps (18 beads) across)
  • Instructions

Checkerboard No Warps To Weave In Bracelet Kit:

  • Nine colors of 11/0 Delica beads (enough to make the bracelet with some left over)
  • One color of 15/0 beads
  • One pewter button
  • C-Lon beading thread
  • Instructions and a pattern

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