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Northern Knits Designs Inspired by the Knitting Traditions of Scandinavia Iceland and the Shetland Isles

Explore the rich landscapes of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the Shetland Isles through vintage designs, wools, and classic style.

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Explore the Historical Knitting Traditions of Scandinavia, Iceland, and the Shetland Isles

Journey with textile and knitwear designer Lucinda Guy to some of the most cherished historical regions for handicrafts, folk art, and knitting with Northern Knits. Throughout this inspiring book, Lucinda reveals the rich beauty of Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Shetland folk motifs and traditions in 20 gorgeous women's clothing and accessories projects.

From knitting in the round and twined knitting to embroidery and embellishments, each stunning project embraces the traditional techniques that knitters have treasured through the years.

Northern Knits Spacer 10x10 pixels Northern Knits

Effie Fair Isle Pullover


Marta Embroidered Bag

Lucinda notes, "The designs in Northern Knits, all of which are knitted in purl woolen yarns unique to each country, are knitted in true handicraft fashion. Each project is not only inspired directly from the past but also includes elements from a rich heritage of folk art to create something new and contemporary."

Northern Knits

Including soft pullovers, sweet shawls, warm mittens, adorable totes, cozy socks, and much more, this treasure trove of projects bridges traditional style with contemporary touches.

Check out these gorgeous and inspiring designs!


  • Hulda Striped Pullover
  • Ennid Laceweight Shawl
  • Unnur Icelandic Pullover
  • Yrsa Laceweight Mitts
  • Lilja Textured Jacket

Shetland Islands

  • Crowning Glory Cobweb Shawl
  • Morth Short-Sleeved Top
  • Effie Fair Isle Pullover
  • Nell Shetland Cap
  • Hester Chevron Lace Pullover


  • Annemor Pullover
  • Thora Cardigan
  • Inger Ski Cap and Gloves
  • Liv Patterned Socks



  • Pia Laceweight
  • Ulla Twined Socks
  • Ottilia Twined Mittens
  • Ola Packet Pullover

Featuring a detailed introduction into each region's knitting traditions, Northern Knits gives you a powerful context for the timeless garments, breathtaking landscapes, and pure wool yarns that inspired Lucinda's collection.

Northern Knits Spacer 10x10 pixels Northern Knits

Hester Chevron Lace Pullover


Annemore Pullover

Northern Knits
Lilja Textured Jacket

Northern Knits
Ulla Twined Socks

Northern Knits
Hulda Striped Pullover

Northern Knits

Morth Short-Sleeved Top

Northern Knits is the perfect resource for honoring knitters of yesterday while moving the craft into tomorrow!


SKU: 10KN03

Author/Speaker/Editor: Lucinda Guy

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596681712

Number Of Pages: 160

About the Author
Lucinda Guy is a knitwear designer and author of several books, including Northern Knits (Interweave, 2010) and Northern Knits Gifts (Interweave, 2012). She combines her love of folk art and traditional knitting techniques to create clothes and accessories for adults and children. She lives and teaches in England. Visit her online at
"Part knitting book, part armchair traveler's guide, Northern Knits is perfect for anyone who wants a deeper knowledge of the history of the knitting cultures of Iceland, Shetland, Norway, and Sweden.  Knitwear and textile designer Lucinda Guy is your guide to learning the time-tested Nordic techniques of knitting in the round, steeking, lace, cables, Fair Isle, twined knitting and embroidery. " - Scandanavian
“Wow.  Beautiful projects...pretty, pretty.” – Austin American Statesman

“Charming and beautiful.” –

“The designs are wonderfully feminine and light feeling, not the heavy, thick yarned sweaters sometimes associated with these regions.  It has a fresh quality.” –
“Lucinda Guy's “Northern Knits”  is a gorgeous collection of designs,  all inspired by the knitting traditions of a particular corner of the Western Hemisphere that is almost as famous as Lucinda Guy is among knitters for a particularly charming take on the knitted garment.   It's a natural combination, and the result is a book that will most likely tempt you to make a few things.” – Twist Collective Blog

SKU: 10KN03

Author/Speaker/Editor: Lucinda Guy

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596681712

Number Of Pages: 160