Apply PanPastels like fluid paint but without the drying time! Create with these vibrant dry colors to blend, erase and manipulate at ease with the richness of regular pastels but without the mess.

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  • Bright Yellow Green Shade
  • Diarylide Yellow Extra Dark
  • Orange
  • Raw Umber Shade
  • Black
  • Magenta Shade
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Turquoise Shade
  • Permanent Red
Choose from 9 individual PanPastel colors!

You will love these PanPastels if:

  • You love working with color in your artwork
  • You like to mix materials and explore a variety of art mediums
  • You don’t like the mess of regular pastels

PanPastels are the ultimate medium for painting, drawing, and mixed-media! Apply the vibrant dry color like wet paint without the messy clean up! These unique pastels are versatile and work great with all art mediums.

Use PanPastels to:

  • Blend- extremely blendable that provides you with a endless palette of colors
  • Paint- Mix and apply like paint without the water, solvents and other special mediums. Use PanPastels to block-in color for cleanly toning paper, washes, and underpaintings. Build up layers of the color for glazing and more without overfilling the paper’s tooth. Create painterly effects from intense strokes to small delicate marks. Use PanPastels on a variety of surfaces without bleed-through and bulking of the material.
  • Erase- A forgiving material that is great to correct mistakes. Use any type of eraser to remove the color! Create highlights with erasers or use it for subtractive drawing techniques.
  • Manipulate- Use a variety of tools to manipulate and control the application of the color.

All PanPastels are created with minimal binders and fillers leaving them ultra-soft, rich in color, and super blendable. They are extremely low dust for a cleaner and pleasant work environment with minimal material waste. Each pan provides about 40% more material than the average stick and are made to thread securely together for stacking and easy storage.

PanPastels are the new best medium to come to the art world. Available in a variety of colors (each sold separately). Order now and start your creative exploration today!

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