Passementerie Bangle White

Make the white colorway of the Passementerie Bangle at home with our companion bead kit!

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White/Bronze bangle:

All the beads you need in one place! Make your own project from the pages of Beadwork magazine.

In this kit you’ll get:

  • 130 Opaque white SuperDuos
  • 2 g Size 11 seed beads, opaque white
  • 3 g Size 8 and Miyuki seed beads, berry lined topaz
  • 3 g Size 11 Miyuki seed beads, berry lined topaz
  • 2 g Size 11 Delicas, opaque white
  • 6 g Size 10 Delicas, metallic light bronze
  • 3 g Size 11 Delicas, old rose lined crystal

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SKU: T4045

SKU: T4045

Customer Reviews

Thoughtful combination of beads Review by Christine

The way different types of beads were combined to design this pattern is so unique. Great design! I loved how the outer and inner bands were connected. I initially thought 11 feet of thread was excessive, but had no problems with the fireline tangling. However, the bangle is too large for my wrist, if I make this pattern again, I will shorten the pattern and use a clasp.

(Posted on 4/12/2014)

(Posted on 4/12/2014)

Weaving the outer band of this very large bangle was awkward, although not difficult, to bead. Review by Bonnie

This bangle is really big and may be too large for most beaders. It's very pretty and I will make it again, but I'll size the pattern down and add a clasp to make it a bracelet instead of a bangle because I have a small wrist.

In places the directions were good, in other places not so much, although the illustrations were fine. While the beading was not difficult, weaving the outer band was very awkward. There didn't seem to be any good way to hold the beading as it progressed so it worked up very slowly.

To me, the suggested 11' of thread for the inside band was not a good idea. The number of times the thread was pulled through the beads caused the thread to wear and I believe using 2 shorter lengths would have yielded a more secure result. I don't think piecing the peyote band would have weakened it as thread is easily secured in peyote stitch, but the worn thread might.break at some point.

(Posted on 4/5/2014)

(Posted on 4/5/2014)