Pam Carriker's Sketching Inks: 36ml Liquid Pencil - Permanent

Have you ever been sketching and wanted to cover a larger area quickly? This permanent liquid pencil is capable of just that!

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With Derivan Liquid Pencil you can get graphite in your art without a pencil in your hand! Pam Carriker’s signature line of Liquid Pencil Sketching Ink is nothing less than an entirely new medium—a graphite ink that’s easy to use in myriad mixed media techniques. It comes in a handy squeeze bottle with a special tip usable for direct application or to refill regular ink tools. Available in both Permanent and Rewettable formulas for a wide range of techniques, Sketching Ink can be used to ink rubber stamps, as a dip pen ink, or as paint. The Rewettable formula can be manipulated using traditional drawing tools like erasers, blending stumps, or even wet brushes, and the Permanent formula can even be burnished to a lovely sheen. Put those boring pencils away and discover a whole new way to get the look of graphite in your art with Pam Carriker’s Sketching Ink!

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About the Author
A life-long art lover, Pam was raised in the Pacific Northwest. Drawing inspiration from her role as ‘mom’ to three boys, two of whom are currently serving our country, and from her flyboy husband, her work is reflective of more than 20 years of experience using a variety of media. Her articles and artwork can be found in many publications including, Somerset Studios (Cover Artist Nov/Dec 2010) The Stampers’ Sampler, Art Journaling (Cover Artist Summer 2010), Somerset Apprentice, Where Women Create, Artful Blogging, Cloth Paper Scissors, and Studios. Serving as a Directors’ Circle Artist for Stampington & Co, She is also currently developing instructional videos for Strathmore Artist Papers new line of Visual Journals and a product line for Derivan Liquid Pencil from Matisse. Her first book, ‘Art at the Speed of Life: Motivation & Inspiration for Creating Mixed Media Art Every Day’ from Interweave Press hit shelves February, 2011.

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Customer Reviews

I wanted to love this product, I really did... Review by Kristina Winnett

I wanted to love this product, I really did. I love Pam Carriker and her art, and have been waiting for the money to purchase the Rewettable formula of this product. My local art store carries the Derivan Liquid Pencil, but not Pam's version, with the applicator tip. So, I waited, and it finally arrived today from Interweave. I went to play with it, and ended up disappointed - so sad! I wanted an erasable product, as it was described in the description. It wasn't. I tried a kneaded eraser, and even a Tuff Stuff eraser, and it would not come off the paper. At all. It moves with a blending stump, as advertised, and it has a lovely sparkle when spread around on the paper. It's definitely rewettable, and spreads around like watercolor when wet. I found I could use a waterbrush and paper towel to "erase" my marks. But it's not what I expected, or what's been put in the description for the product. So, I can't give this product the 5 stars I wanted to.

(Posted on 5/23/12)

Brilliant Product Review by Seth Apter

There is a constant stream of new products coming to market, many of which are mostly twists on current products. That is not the case with Pam Carriker's Liquid Pencil, which is new, unique, and innovative. This product can be used in so many ways, as demonstrated by Pam, but far and away my favorite is as a paint. When applied directly to the surface of a painting and then brushed on, Liquid Pencil gives a color and a sheen that I have never gotten from a traditional paint. The bottle is easy to use and its creamy texture allows you to cover a good amount of surface with a relatively small amount of product. I love it!

(Posted on 3/17/12)

Mixed Media Magic in a bottle!!!!! Review by joanne sharpe

LOVE this product! If anything represents "mixed media" it is Pam's liquid pencil and mediums. This product makes any level artist look like a seasoned pro! Definitely in my art bag all the time. Congrats Pam!!!

(Posted on 3/8/12)

Genius! Review by Nancy Lefko

Today I used Pam's sketching ink in my art journal in two different ways. First, I used a foam applicator to apply the ink to rubber stamps. I also used the ink directly from the bottle as the fine tip applicator makes that a breeze. It's a fabulous product and so unique...the beauty and characteristics of graphite in a painterly ink. Genius! I look forward to using a fillable pen as this will be the prefect product for that use. Artists who enjoy the look and sheen of graphite will love adding this unique product to their artistic arsenal.

(Posted on 3/2/12)

Liquid Ink be still my heart Review by Mary Beth Shaw

I was lucky enough to preview Pam's new products and the Liquid Ink quickly worked its way into my heart. It is a 'must have' for any mixed media artist (in my humble opinion). I should confess that I am a sucker for any product that has a tiny tip applicator - I love to draw right onto my paintings and the Permanent Liquid Ink is absolutely perfect for this. I especially love the fact you can go back and burnish to attain a lovely sheen. This product has become a staple in my supply kit!!

(Posted on 3/2/12)