PieceWork Historical Knitting 2007-2010 Collection

This PieceWork Collection includes the first four issues of PieceWork dedicated to historical knitting. With techniques and stories of past knitters, these magazines also include knitting projects inspired by historical knitting.

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piecework historical knitting CD

PieceWork magazine's historical knitting issues connect today's knitter with those of the past.

In this collection, discover digital editions of PieceWork's premiere historical knitting issues exactly as they were originally published in 2007-2010.

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Love historical knitting?

PieceWork Historical Knitting 2007-2010 Collection

This collection includes the first four digital editions of PieceWork magazine dedicated to historical knitting. 



January/February 2007:

PieceWork's first issue dedicated to historical knitting features colorful mittens perfect for cold and snow, clever knitted bags, a luxurious sweater for a baby, and tips and

techniques for two-end knitting.


January/February 2008:
PieceWork's second annual historical knitting issue features the popular
poetry mittens, ancient Artic knitting techniques, a modern knitted kimono from Ann Budd, and more.



January/February 2009:

PieceWork's third annual historical knitting issue features Eleanor Roosevelt’s love of knitting, tips and techniques to

knit a sock in a sock, and instructions to knit Alice Starmore’s Capillifolium Baby Bonnet.



January/February 2010:

Discover fascinating knitters from the past, learn what folks were knitting in medieval London, knit mittens and socks, and enjoy a stitch pattern from Barbara Walker, author of

the beloved Treasury of Knitting Patterns books.

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As with all our PieceWork Collections, you get needlework inspiration at your fingertips.


You can get this Collection as either a CD or Download. Just look at the advantages:

  • Browse each issue quickly with a time-saving electronic index.
  • Search keywords such as master needleworkers, unique techniques, and special equipment.
  • These Collections take up less space than print issues and won’t wear or tear.
  • Save money when you get a whole collection of PieceWork than if you got the print issues individually.


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Order your PieceWork 2007-2010 Historical Knitting Collection today!
This Collection is available on CD,

or download all four issues instantly with the digital collection.



Format: Collection

ISBN 13: 9781620339022


Format: Collection

ISBN 13: 9781620339022

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