PieceWork, May/June 2004 (Digital Edition)

A Piecework Wedding Celebration
Digital Magazine Single Issue

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This special issue of PieceWork features wedding party gifts to embroider, knit, bead, needlepoint, and crochet. Discover wedding traditions and textiles from around the world. Trace wedding-gown fashions from 1800 and learn about period reproduction wedding gowns. Plus, learn how to recycle an old wedding gown into handkerchiefs for the bridal party.

Table of Contents
  • Wedding Timeline- Trace wedding-gown fashions beginning in 1800.
  • Late-Nineteenth-Century Wedding Boots- These handmade leather boots from Italy illustrate just one style of wedding footwear.
  • Embroider a Pair of Wedding Shoes- Linda Moore adapted these dainty silk wedding shoes.
  • Stitch a Wedding Keepsake Envelope- This silk envelope to hold cards and mementos uses the same motifs found on the embroidered wedding shoes.
  • Mary Marcella Mauck's Wedding Gown- Marcella Mauck married Lewis McClurg Steenrod June 15, 1905. Here are her wedding gown and going-away dress. (Jane Schade)
  • Handkerchiefs from a Wedding Gown- Sarah Laura Bisping Meyer used the embroidered trim from her 1914 wedding gown to create handkerchiefs for each of her granddaughters for their weddings. (Anne Meyer Will, Dorothy Meyer Gerhardt, and Jean Meyer Barta)
  • Two Beaded Wedding Gowns- Laura Levaas and Kathie Karbowski gave two of their friends special wedding gifts - they beaded the brides' dresses.
  • Wedding Handkerchiefs- Nancy Disney, Deborah Dwyer, and Carol Pearsall share their handkerchiefs.
  • A Family Legacy- Helen Ruth Marvin Colton's wedding gown and shoes and other textiles are among the author's most cherished possessions. (Liz Gipson)
  • Bead a Bridal Headpiece- Amy C. Clarke-Moore made the headpiece and she and Liz Gipson collaborated on a matching veil.
  • Blue, Green, Gold, and Brown: Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Wedding Dresses- Wedding dresses in the collection of Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts, demonstrate that not all wedding gowns were white. (Aimee E. Newell)
  • Knit Socks for a Flower Girl- Nancy Bush adds a special touch to a flower girl's outfit.
  • A Moravian Wedding Costume- This spectacular ensemble most likely was passed down through several generations. (Linda Moore)
  • Embroider and Bead a Wedding Stole- Nancy Disney's beaded stole is a perfect wedding accessory.
  • Traditional Indian Beadwork for Weddings- Young women in India create beaded and embroidered accessories for their weddings and trousseaus. (Brinda Gill)
  • A Korean Bridal Robe- This exquisitely embroidered robe is modeled after the bridal robe worn in 1830 by a Korean princess. (Renee Renouf)
  • Stitch a Monogram for a Wedding Photograph Album- Here is an ideal way for a bride to show her appreciation to members of the wedding party.
  • Needlepoint Cuff Links for the Groomsmen- Judy Kettner's needlepointed cuff links add panache to tuxedo shirts.
  • Folk Animals and Flowers Wedding Quilt- Eva Frank made this wedding quilt for her daughter Sevina's 1870 wedding. (Ellen Kort)
  • Period Reproduction Wedding Gowns- Maggie Abbott Ward helps brides live their fantasies by creating reproduction wedding gowns. (Joyce Faulkner)
  • Stitch a 1797 Adam and Eve- From the Embroiderers' Guild of America's collection come Adam and Eve as depicted on a 1797 sampler.
  • Adam and Eve in Samplers- Over the centuries, Adam and Eve, sometimes in surprising costumes, have been the subject of countless samplers. (Ann Blalock)

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