PieceWork, November/December 2004 (Digital Edition)

PieceWork presents 19 toys, gifts, and ornaments to crochet, stitch, and tat!
Digital Magazine Single Issue

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This holiday, discover a treasury of precious handmade dolls from around the world and learn how to make your own. Knit tiny stockings to decorate your gifts. Tat a delicate snowflake or just knit a ball for an all-ages appropriate, satisfying toy.

Table of Contents
  • Preacher Lewis's Mission of Crochet- In the early years of the twentieth century, the Episcopal priest Preacher Lewis, in spite of all of his duties, found time to crochet. (Donna Druchunas)
  • Crochet Baby Caps- Donna Druchunas, inspired by Preacher Lewis's accomplishments, crocheted baby caps in two sizes.
  • A Sioux Doll- This nineteenth-century doll in the collection of the American Museum of Natural History wears the formal regalia of a Sioux woman. (Deborah Pulliam)
  • The Dolls of Peru- Handmade dolls in colorful indigenous dress are popular souvenirs and a vital source of income for many Peruvian women. (Jane Reid)
  • Father Christmas- A knitted Father Christmas doll from England has played a major role in the author's passion for knitting. (Kate Buck)
  • An Unfinished Cloth Doll- The author's doll, lacking one arm, holds special memories of her mother's needlework and the joy of sharing. (Doris Wells Carbone)
  • Skeezix: The Bear Who Has Delighted Four Generations- Created in the Depression-era tradition of "use it up, make do, or do without," this washcloth bear is a family treasure. (Judith Davis Gulick)
  • Aaron Friedman's Exquisite Miniature Houses with Sarah Friedman's Exceptional Needlework Accessories- Seven of eight miniature houses, created over a period of fifteen years by a talented couple, are on display in the Special Collections Exhibit Gallery at the Museum of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama. (Diana Lambdin Meyer)
  • Cross-Stitch Pillows for a Miniature Dollhouse- B. J. Vieregg's diminutive pillows will complement a variety of miniature interiors.
  • Metrites and Graftes: Greek Embroideries- Greek traditions, including those of needlework, are the result of centuries of trade and warfare between Greece and her neighbors. (Elizabeth A. Mitchell and Sally J. Thurston)
  • Cross-Stitch a Greek-Inspired Ornament- Sally J. Thurston chose traditional Greek embroidery motifs for this holiday ornament.
  • Stitch a Bargello Ornament- Bargello's long and fascinating history inspired Beth Robertson's sparkling holiday ornament.
  • Bargello: Cloaked in Legend- The origin of the name bargello remains mysterious. (Hollis Greer Minor)
  • Knit Tiny Holiday Stockings- Adorn packages or your holiday tree with Sally Melville's easy-to-make stockings.
  • Stitch a Christmas Wish Ornament- Stitching-band fabric makes finishing easy, and silk thread and ribbons add a touch of elegance to Susan Greening Davis's holiday ornament.
  • Embroider a Swan for an Ornament- Earthenware tiles designed by William Morris in 1862 inspired this blue-and-white holiday ornament.
  • Tat a Snowflake- Ethereal tatted snowflakes are perfect for holiday decorations.
  • Knit a Ball- Deborah Pulliam's quick-and-easy knitted ball will delight children, pets, and adults.
  • Embroider "Vegimals" on a Bib- These fanciful creatures by Renie Breskin Adams will make the recipient of this bib giggle.
  • Crochet Woodland Finger Puppets- Ivy Bigelow's bird, fox, and bear will be the stars of numerous winter tales.
  • Embroider a Holly Tablecloth- Reminiscent of botanical engravings, Linda Moore's holly-sprig design brings holiday cheer.
  • Knit Socks for a Guy- Nancy Bush offers a perfect gift for your favorite man.
  • Julia Purnell's Museum: Keeping a Town in Stitches- At the age of eighty-five, Julia Purnell began stitching the more than 1,000 folk-art-style needlework pictures for which she is best remembered. (Jane Reid)

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