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History and needlework in one great magazine!







berlin work

Berlin Work


crocheted shawl

Crocheted Orenburg Lace









Dresden Lace





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PieceWork gives you a perspective on needlework you won’t find anywhere else! Do you love history and needlework? Are you interested in vintage techniques and patterns, stories of needleworkers past and present, and heirloom-quality projects you can make? Then, you need to take a look at PieceWork. 


PieceWork is the only magazine for those who adore historical knitting techniques, embellished clothing, stunning quilts, amazing embroidery, and exquisite lacework—all made by hand. With beautiful photography and well-researched accounts, every issue explores the life and work of traditional needleworkers, takes an in-depth look at needlework techniques, and gives you instructions for making heirloom-quality projects of your own.

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More History and More Techniques!
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Our columns and departments provide you with even more great information and resources!


You’ll find:

  • Necessities—showcases new products and resources
  • How Did They Do That?—step-by-step instructions for techniques from times past
  • Trimmings—a sampling of old patterns for you to try
  • Book Marks—new and favorite books of interest
  • Tapestry—new and noteworthy events plus contemporary needle art
And that's just a small part of what you'll get all year long!
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PieceWork Projects Spacer 10x10 pixels Take a look at some of the things we have planned this year... We have a wide variety of projects and techniques planned for you this year! Together we'll celebrate lace and see its effect on the economic well-being of numerous countries; take an in-depth look at the technique and texture of ribbons and trims; learn about the fascinating story of wool and its historical spins and twists; once again see the many references to handwork in literature with a project for each technique mentioned; take a look at historical knitting techniques in our annual knitting issue; and much, much more!
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  1. You’ll love creating your own heirlooms.
  2. You’ll discover interesting techniques and traditions.
  3. You’ll hear about the best new resources on the market today.
  4. You’ll read intriguing personal stories of needleworkers past and present.
  5. You’ll get a perspective on needlework you
    won’t find anywhere else!
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Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for your first issue to arrive, 12 - 16 weeks internationally.


Hassle-Free Continuous Service Guarantee to guarantee your savings, your subscription will renew without interruption until you ask us to stop. Before each new subscription term, you’ll receive a reminder notice with an invoice at our then-current low rate. You may cancel any time during the life of your subscription by contacting us at 1-800-340-7496 or writing cancel on your invoice.

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"I love PieceWork magazine. No matter how short I am of funds, I always manage to renew my subscription. It's my present to me! Thanks for a great magazine." 
—Charity Carlson
"The latest issue of PieceWork had me at the cover. I sat down with it and thoroughly enjoyed my trip through history. I could not put it down until I had it finished. Thank you so much."
—Mary Ann via the internet
"This magazine is priceless. I read every issue, even about types of needlework I'm not interested in. There is much more meaning in the appreciation of needlework when there is a story behind it. Thank you, thank you."
—Roberta Palin
"When I got my latest issue of PieceWork, I sat down and did absolutely nothing until I read it from cover to cover! My dear husband wanted to know if I was planning to cook dinner that night. Guess what the answer was...nope, it's your turn! This is such a quality magazinethank you!
—Knitto via the internet 
"I recently took out a subscription to PieceWork, which must be one of the most exquisite magazines I have ever read. It covers such a diverse range of arts and crafts, and is beautifully written and photographed."
—Virginia Moscatt
"PieceWork and its history never ceases to amaze me. I sure say 'wow' and 'oh my goodness' sharing these wonderful textile artists of the past and learning the situations that brought needlework into their hands,. Thanks so much for my favorite and the only magazine I get."

 —Diana via email


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