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Pile Plus Pattern! Combining Doubleweave with Rya Knots On Demand Web Seminar

Join Laura Demuth as she explores Finnweave, a weave variation of doubleweave pick-up. Live web seminar takes place on Thursday, 3/13/14 at 1 p.m. EST.

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Instructor: Laura Demuth

Live Webinar Date: Thursday, March 13, 2014

Start Time: 1 p.m. EST

Length: 60-90 minutes


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About the Web Seminar:


Doubleweave pick-up is a weaving structure that requires only four harnesses and six treadles but allows the weaver to design unique and complex patterns. This web seminar will explore the type of doubleweave known as Finnweave, a weaving technique in which two layers of warp threads are interchanged to form surface patterns. While Finnweave results in a textile that is not reversible, the technique produces smooth diagonal lines, preferable for designs that include diagonals or curves. The doubleweave structure combines easily with rya, where the rya knots can be hidden between the interchanging layers of cloth.


Finnweave requires that the weaver master a unique drafting system, which will be explained in detail during the seminar. Because the pattern is picked up row-by-row, a simple method for counting and recording each row will be introduced. A sample pattern and draft will be provided and a step-by-step procedure will be reviewed.


Laura has spent over a decade exploring design possibilities using rya knots in combination with various weaving structures, from twill to doubleweave overshot, but the combination that offers the most exciting design possibilities is that of combining rya with doubleweave pick-up. The textiles that results from this combination of techniques are unique, beautiful and wonderfully warm!


What You'll Learn:

  • To select yarn suitable for doubleweave pick-up
  • To dress your loom easily, using either a 6 or 10 harness tie-up
  • To identify the equipment required for both doubleweave pick-up and rya knots
  • To read a doubleweave draft
  • To write row-by-row pick-up directions for each doubleweave pattern row
  • To create your own doubleweave designs
  • To select yarns suitable for rya knots
  • To cut and tie rya knots
  • To create simple patterns using rya knots

About the Instructor:


A weaver for over thirty years, Laura enjoys all aspects of fiber production, from raising the sheep to taking a finished piece off the loom. Living on a small acreage just seven miles from the Norwegian-American museum, Vesterheim, in Decorah Iowa, Laura has benefitted from the educational opportunities made available in classes offered at the museum as well as its wonderful textile collection. Laura has focused on traditional weaving structures and techniques, and is a Gold Medal Winner at Vesterhiem’s National Exhibit of Folk Art in the Norwegian Tradition.


Who Should Attend:

  • Weavers who enjoy creating their own design patterns
  • Weavers who wish to explore weaving structures suitable for a four-harness loom
  • Weavers who appreciate a weaving challenge
  • Weavers who wish to create unique, warm and enduring blankets, throws and lap-robes
  • Weavers who enjoy learning traditional techniques, and giving them a new spin
  • Weavers who simply enjoy handling yarns and experimenting with combining fibers
  • Weavers who wish to find a use for the boxes of thrums and small odd-balls of yarn in their stash


How does the web seminar work?


The web seminar is broadcasted via the internet as a powerpoint-style presentation with live audio delivered through your computer speakers or over your telephone. The live web seminar’s visual slide presentation is displayed directly from the Presenter's computer to your computer screen. The Q&A is managed through a chat-style submission system with questions being read and answered by the Presenter for the entire class to hear. In the event some questions are not answered during the live session, an e-mail with questions and answers will be sent to all web seminar attendees. By attending the live web seminar and/or asking questions, your full name may be stated during the live event and captured in the recording. A recording of the live event will be sent to all web seminar attendees a couple days after the live event.

SKU: EP9498

Author/Speaker/Editor: Laura Demuth

File Type: MP4

SKU: EP9498

Author/Speaker/Editor: Laura Demuth

File Type: MP4

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Excellent Review by Sandy

Excellent clear directions. Handouts were extremely helpful. Well done.

(Posted on 3/29/2014)

(Posted on 3/29/2014)