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Pop Knitting Bold Motifs Using Color & Stitch

Revolutionize your knitting! Discover what innovative stitch techniques can do for your knitted designs.

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Celebrated author Britt-Marie Christoffersson has studied color and texture in knitting for more than 25 years. Pop Knitting showcases her intensive work, demonstrating how minimal ingredients can be combined in seemingly endless ways to create striking, graphic knitted fabrics. Using a variety of innovative stitch manipulation techniques, this book explores how to construct highly textured fabrics and gorgeous knitted strandwork. You’ll also learn how to create knitted fabrics with holes, pleats, double-fabrics, and more.

Knitters of all skill levels will love the projects and inspiration Christofferson presents and the aesthetic masterpiece of Pop Knitting will have the most advanced knitters eager to experiment.

Bright color dominates throughout this exuberant book, making simple patterns boldly stand out. Discover vibrant color, in-depth instruction, and artful inspiration that have ruled Christoffersson’s work and life. Pop Knitting promises revolutionary knitting results.
Table of Contents
Patterns and Descriptions
Measurement Schematics for a Knit Sweater or Cardigan
About the Author: Anneli Palmsköld
A History of Knitting- Anneli Palmsköld
About the Author
Britt-Marie Christoffersson is an innovative knitwear and textile designer. She is a former member of the 10 Group (10-gruppen), known for their bold colorwork and graphic designs. Britt-Marie has worked with a variety of international exhibits and teaches workshops as a handicraft consultant. She lives in Halmstad, Sweden.
"Break the mold and go bold!  Why not let this handicraft consultant (Sweden) teach you a thing or two about innovative knitwear.  It is definitely worth looking at, for the inspiration alone!" - Can Do Books, Australia
"This is definitely not just another stitch book." - Halcyon Yarn
"When this book crossed my desk, I looked at the cover and thought, 'Wow, this looks cheerful, but not really my style'.  I fully expected that I would flip through it, tell you how pretty it was, and then move on.  But...instead, I was blown away." -
"Cool Book!  Mix bright colors, interesting stitches and textures and a renowned designer and you get this book." -

SKU: 12KN07

Author/Speaker/Editor: Britt-Marie Christoffersson

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596687820

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Customer Reviews

Gorgeous, inspiring book! Review by Karen

Wow, this is the most fabulous book. I can't believe there are NO reviews and it's now selling for $6.74. This book is full of amazing color and pattern; if you want something to Shake Up your knitting, this is it!

Buy this book.

(Posted on 8/19/14)