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Popular Wheel Mechanics (Download in HD)

How to choose the wheel you want, love the wheel you've got, and truly master the machine all available now as a download in HD!
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Now Available in HD!

The flyer spinning wheel is a subtle machine. Understanding this ingenious tool, optimizing its performance, and making it work for you is key to becoming an accomplished spinner.

In this far-ranging video, Judith MacKenzie looks at several of the popular wheels available to spinners today, dissects their differences, gives pointers on get the best from them, and shares tips and hints on making your wheel as efficient and versatile as it was designed to be.

You'll learn:
  • How wheel size influences spinning
  • How the shape of your flyer affects your spinning
  • Why your hooks are on the same side of the flyer, or why you might want them to be
  • Why a pulley is not a whorl
  • How to spin six different yarns by making simple wheel adjustments
  • How to fill a flyer properly, and why it matters
  • And several dozen additional fascinating and critical facts and exercises that will make you a better spinner
About the Author
Judith McKenzie has been a textile artist for more than twenty years and has taught throughout the United States and Canada.  Her work appears in both public and private collections.

Judith has been a contributor to Spin-Off, Interweave Knits, PieceWork, and Handwoven magazines, and has led textile tours to Turkey and Spain.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Judith MacKenzie

Format: High Definition Video Download