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Popular Wheel Mechanics (DVD)

How to choose the wheel you want, love the wheel you've got, and truly master the machine.

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The flyer spinning wheel is a subtle machine. Understanding this ingenious tool, optimizing its performance, and making it work for you is key to becoming an accomplished spinner.

In this far-ranging video, Judith MacKenzie looks at several of the popular wheels available to spinners today, dissects their differences, gives pointers on get the best from them, and shares tips and hints on making your wheel as efficient and versatile as it was designed to be.

You'll learn:
  • How wheel size influences spinning
  • How the shape of your flyer affects your spinning
  • Why your hooks are on the same side of the flyer, or why you might want them to be
  • Why a pulley is not a whorl
  • How to spin six different yarns by making simple wheel adjustments
  • How to fill a flyer properly, and why it matters
  • And several dozen additional fascinating and critical facts and exercises that will make you a better spinner
About the Author
Judith McKenzie has been a textile artist for more than twenty years and has taught throughout the United States and Canada.  Her work appears in both public and private collections.

Judith has been a contributor to Spin-Off, Interweave Knits, PieceWork, and Handwoven magazines, and has led textile tours to Turkey and Spain.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Judith MacKenzie

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596683587

Customer Reviews

Popular Wheel Mechanics Review by Regina VanScoy

I spent 3 days with Judith MacKenzie taking a workshop. It was a life changing experience to say the least. I could not possibly absorb everything she had to share but this video is a wonderful review of some of the things she taught and I can look at it over and over until I truly understand. It is the next best thing to taking a workshop from Judith. It is the best of all of her videos and I bought them all for myself last Mother's Day.

(Posted on 12/4/11)

Great overview of how a wheel works and excellent instructor Review by Rebecca Thompson

I downloaded this video after my wheel was ordered and viewed it from the perspective of someone who had never spun on a wheel before and had very little knowledge of how they work and the various parts. From that perspective, not only was it a wonderful introduction, but also gave me a ton of tips for my future spinning success in regards to wheel maintenance and producing the yarn I want by adjusting the wheel versus drafting more or less fiber which has been extremely helpful as a beginner. I did not expect this video to give me a tutorial on how to operate my specific wheel (I assumed that my owners manual would show me how to do that) so I wasn't disappointed when it wasn't one of the wheels shown. I assumed that the castle wheel shown would operate someone similarly to my castle wheel and yes, it turns out, it does. I found the discussion of scotch tension versus double drive helpful too. But more than anything, I loved Judith's approach to the subject and her soothing voice kept me engaged. Since I've gotten my wheel, I've now downloaded all of her other videos and feel like I have definitely gotten my money's worth from her expert instruction.

(Posted on 1/12/11)

If you've got a Majacraft, you might not want to bother. Review by megan humphrey

So, I understood when purchasing this video that it was going to show on many types of wheels, how to make adjustments, maintenance etc as well as some spinning information. In no way did I expect it to focus only MY brand of wheel. However, I AM surprised that during 2 hours worth of video, only a scant FOUR MINUTES dealt with the Majacraft line of wheels at all. Four minutes. Here's a breakdown of the four minutes: About 1 minute of watching a Rose spin. About 1 minute of Judith moving the drive band around in the different grooves. About 2 minutes of Judith discussing the delta flyer--basically just holding the flyer and showing it to us, not on the wheel or in action. Maintenance? Adjustments? Bobbins? Anything other than moving the drive band? Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing. The Majacraft may have been mentioned ONCE on the second disc, but we're certainly never given any information or insight into the wheel. Heck, we don't even get a good look at the front side of the wheel, the footmen, the assembly. Adjusting the brake band on a Majacraft (apparently a HUGE part of her way of spinning)? We're not even shown where it is. All in all, Judith spends more time gushing over her new great wheel (never shown, even as a still photograph) than she does discussing an entire brand of wheel. We also get a slew of information about the Reeves wheels (who apparently didn't sponsor the video as Majacraft did). Overall, I am greatly disappointed. I understand that not every wheel made could be discussed in great detail, but for crying out loud, about 5 minutes were devoted to one wheel brands' bobbins and which way to put them on your wheel. Several minutes devoted to an antique flyer. Several minutes devoted to spindles, and thigh spinning. This stuff is all well and good, but perhaps deserves a video of its own--one dedicated to the history of spinning and spinning tools, instead of one that was advertised as being dedicated to the modern spinning wheel and how to use, adjust and maintain it. (For the record I feel 3 stars is a bit on the generous side; but people newer to spinning and their wheels will likely find a lot of useful information here--unless it's a Majacraft, unfortunately)

(Posted on 12/31/10)

DVD Review by Betty Jong

Very well done, with a great amount of information about every aspect (or most aspects) of spinning wheels. That does not mean that she covers every single wheel from every single manufacturer, but that she covers all the various aspects of different wheels and their mechanics, as well as the whats and whys. Whether you are looking to purchase your first wheel, or have owned for years, I believe you will find new information in this DVD. I loved the demonstrations and explanations of bobbin-led and flyer-led, as well as the history and evolution of spinning wheels. Do not be put off by the title, thinking that it is a *how to* for fixing wheels; this is a how and why and what for understanding different spinning wheels and different aspects of these wheels. Extremely informative. Very pleased with this purchase.

(Posted on 10/7/10)

Popular Wheel Mechanicx is GREAT! Review by NULL NULL

I purchased the downloadable version of this program. I sat infront of my computer for two hours and could not pull myself away. I am a relatively new spinner. I have owned my wheel for a few years but never really understood my wheel or how to produce the size yarn I want. This video is wonderful. Judith is a wonderful teacher and a pleasure to listen to. I just loved her stories too. She is like having an old friend sitting with you, advising you, teaching you, and sharing her experience with you.

(Posted on 9/17/10)