Principles of Design in Arts & Crafts On Demand Web Seminar

Looking to learn all about art basics? Join Lyric Kinard and learn design basics as they apply to arts & crafts.
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Join award-winning artist Lyric Kinard for the basic design course every beginning artist is looking for, Principles of Design in Arts & Crafts. Kinard describes the elements of art as letters of the alphabet which form the visual language. She explores a few basic facts about the function of these elements so you can raise your creative work to a higher level of artistry. It isn't hard to learn and it's never too late!

Here’s what you can expect to explore when you watch Principles of Design in Arts & Crafts:

  • It's never too late to learn! Dive into five elements of art that serve a function just as each letter of the alphabet represents certain sounds.
  • Texture: What does your medium of choice say? How does it connect to the viewer? What does it mean to you as an artist?
  • The meaning and activity of shape: Learn what role shape plays in the overall message of your art project.
  • What’s in a line? Line takes the eye on a journey through your work. What kinds of lines do you create in your work and what function do they perform?
  • Color: Learning how a few of the basic color relationships work will allow you to more easily achieve the effects you are going for.
  • Value: Learn how to understand value, which determines how much light and dark is in each color in your artwork as a whole.

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