Quilting Arts, June/July 2007: Digital Edition

Make use of stencils and stamps and learn to create rolls and tubes. Experiment with new materials with unique mixed-media projects.
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In Quilting Arts June/July 2007, learn how Trisha Hassler (page 34) combines weathered steel with colorful fabrics to create some of the most unusual and refreshing quilts. In her profile she says, "The challenge for me is to take something very soft and clean like fabric and pair it with something raw and gritty, found in a field." Trisha very purposefully uses steel to achieve such a dramatic juxtaposition of opposites, leaving the viewer marveling.

Trisha isn't the only one who thinks quilts aren't just made of fabric anymore. After much study and experimentation, our cover artist, Sylvia Polk, has become well-versed in using Lutradur - a nonwoven, synthetic stabilizer manufactured by Pellon. After many attempts at dyeing, painting and stitching Lutradur, Sylvia has made some breathtaking renderings of Gaillardia flowers with this unique material and she shares her dye and paint techniques with us (page 28).
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Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue

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what a fantastic edition Review by Jennine

wow, wish I had bought this edition before, So many interesting articles, I will be re-reading for ages. Cant wait to try so many of the things out. Absolutely recommended. Love it..

(Posted on 1/18/14)