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Get a whole year of quilting ideas & inspiration


Cloth Paper Scissors Projects

Generation Y:

Song of Hope

Barb Forrister


 art quilt

Sand Gets Everywhere

Leni Levenson Wiener


art quilt


Diane Marie Chaudiere


art quilt

Gaillardia I

Paula Chung


art quilt


Susan Brubaker Knapp

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  1. You’ll love creating your own one-of-a-kind works of art.
  2. You’ll learn new tips & tricks from the world’s best art quilters.
  3. You’ll discover the newest resources on the market.
  4. You’ll be able to test your skills by entering our reader challenges & contests.
  5. You’ll get the inspiration to develop your own personal style!

There's no other magazine like it! For ten years now, Quilting Arts has been encouraging a new, contemporary look in art quilting. Every issue brings you inspiring articles by established and emerging quilt artists; cutting-edge projects with step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography; and, the most innovative art quilting supplies and techniques. Best of all, we give you the encouragement and support to develop your own artistic style!

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The Language of

Color and Design

Heather Thomas


Take a look at some of the things we have planned this year...We'll explore surface design, machine quilting, embellishment techniques, and color and design theory. We'll show you how to mix non-traditional materials with fabric and combine hand and machine embroidery. We'll take a look at various types of quilting including hand quilting and machine quilting, and contributing quilt experts will give tips and tutorials on how to create landscapes, abstract quilts, photo quilts, and other styles.

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Art Quilt 

    I Love a Parade

Leni Levenson Wiener

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More Resources and More Ideas!


Every issue brings you regular features on surface design, machine and hand stitching, and other art quilting techniques such as fabric painting, how to dye fabric, embellishment techniques, and more. Plus, our columns and departments will bring you even more information and resources!


You’ll find: 

  • Artist Profile—an in-depth look at one quilter's approach accompanied
    by a gallery of their work
  • Reader Gallery—a sampling of readers' work in response to one of
    our reader challenges
  • Call for Entries—announcements of upcoming quilt shows with entry information so you can participate
  • In the Spotlight—a reader shares one of their textile creations, including photos and a detailed description of their quilt
  • Goddess of the Last Minute—award-winning quilter and author Robbi
    Joy Eklow offers a humorous outlook on all things quilt related.

And that's just a small part of what you'll get all year long!

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art quilt

Mother's Day

Joan Sowada

Spacer 10x10 pixels Test your skills! Throughout the year Quilting Arts hosts reader challenges and contests, including our annual calendar contest, where our readers can hone their skills and maybe even see their work published! We also let you know about exhibits, competitions, and shows all over the world where you can participate. Challenge yourself and test your skills…you never know, you might see your work in our magazine one day! 
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Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for your first issue to arrive, 12 - 16 weeks internationally.

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"I've had a subscription for a year now and every issue is full of inspirations that are helping me expand my art. What I love is that each issue offers ideas, with the techniques and materials it takes to create them. I can apply those techniques to other ideas or take the ideas in a different direction. Thanks for a great magazine; I'm looking forward to another year of inspiration." 
 —Vicki Davis
"Wow! Quilting Arts is the most inspiring magazine. I love having them on the shelf to refresh my spirits, as a reference tool for products, and as an endless source of self challenges in times of low creative energy."
Krys Munzing
"Quilting Arts is so inspirational. I love the large color images that show detail along with the descriptions of the art and the explanations directly from the artist. I especially love step-by-step instructions on processes and materials without making it a 'here, go make this' instruction sheet."
—Judy Donnelly
"I think it is wonderful that Quilting Arts gives novices, as well as experts, a means to share their work and contests to keep all of us challenged."
—Rona Subotnik
"Every issue I think 'Wow, this can't get any better!' Then the new issue comes and I'm blown away all over again."

Sara Zander


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