Quilting Arts, Summer 2003: Digital Edition

Quilting Arts Magazine Think Outside the Box Challenge and the results of our art doll challenge.
Digital Magazine Single Issue

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In our Winter 2002 issue we issued a reader challenge to our readers: create a two-sided art doll, between six and twelve inches tall, representing an ego and an alter ego, and mail it to Quilting Arts Magazine for possible publication. The response was incredible.  We were expecting perhaps twenty total, but we got close to 175.  The post off didn't know what to do with all of them.  When we opened the boxes, art dolls popped out, each suprising and delighting, each with a unique, humorour, or poignant story to tell. 

Based on the human form, art dolls can be wonderfully self-expressive.  They can be hunorous caricatures of ourselves, projections of the way we wish to appear or feel, or a way of coping with stress, loss, or sadness.  No matter what the intention of the artist is, art dolls are wonderfully therapeutic to make.

We wanted to capture the full impact of the art dolls by photographing them all together, but that was no easy feat.  Our photo stylist, seasoned in working on challenging photography shots, affirmed that this would be a very tricky task, and I can attest that it was indeed.  It took three hours to set up the first shot with all 175 dolls together.  Like restless school children relectantly posing for a class photo, they didnt want to stand still.  If you are looking for more dolls, they can be found in the Fall 2003 issue.  In the meantime, this issue had lots to offer fiver artists, whether you want to try working with disperse dyes, beaded fringe, fiber collage, silk ribbon, capturing images on fabric, or simply marbel at the art work of Marilyin Gillis amoung others. 
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Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue