Quilting Arts, Summer 2004: Digital Edition

Building creative blocks plus Batik!
Digital Magazine Single Issue

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If you have a budding interest in quilting and this is your first issue of Quilting Arts, congratulations!  You have taken an important beginning step.  If you are a seasoned quilter, then you have a job to do: RECRUIT!.  There are literally millions of pre-quilters waiting for a noble scout like yourself to take the lead and show them the light.  Putting them in touch with a local fabric shop is a wonderful beginning, but perhaps an even better idea is to dig through your stash and snip some of your best fabrics and embellishments to put in a goodie bag.  These bits of fabrics might be difficule to part with, but imagine being the recipient of such a personal gift.  Wouldn't this inspire you to quilt?

Quilters are known to have generous hearts.  In this issue, we share our artist profile Mary Fisher, a women who through her honesty and compassion is making certain that AIDS are not forgotten.  Grab a cup of tea, sit in a quiet space, and turn to page 44 to read about her story and her art.  If you have the change to go to a quilt show where she is exhibiting her works, make sure to take the official tour. 
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Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue