Quilting Arts TV, Episode 1204 – It’s All in the Technique (Video Download)

Experiment with new techniques & cut down your quilting cost in episode four of "Quilting Arts TV" season 12.

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We all love adding new ideas and materials to our quilting repertoire. Cheryl Sleboda demonstrates how a vintage technique can be the source of new inspiration. Her heirloom smocking project transforms a piece of fabric into one that looks like it’s been woven. Then, artist Linda McLaughlin shares a technique for using masks in deconstructed screen printing. In the last segment, host Pokey Bolton shares some drugstore finds to make quilting easier and inexpensive.

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Customer Reviews

smocking Review by pam

In regard to the smocking portion of the show, I was very disappointed
in th e showing of the technique. It was not clear as to how she was creating the beautiful smocking. I downloaded the directions and was
still completely in the dark.. Please prepare another episode or more
detailed instructions that can be downloaded. I REALLY want to try
my hand at this

Thanks, . Pam Stone

(Posted on 4/11/14)

n Review by Stephanie

my only problem with the program itself is they need to spend more time on a subject and show\explain more thoroughly to the viewers I liked the technique shown for the heirloom smocking however this type of needle point - sewing is a lost art because those that do know it wont or don't want to take the time to really teach and i certainly don't consider three min on one stitch when several was shown adequate for a teaching moment. my option it was a tease and I felt unthoughtful. it also left a bad taste in my mouth when I tried to replay it.... really and this is where u believe the tease comes into play $ 3.99 for a rerun, that three min walk of fame THAT NEVER DID and now wont DOWNLOAD again so I can view it; so I have yet to get to view this episode after paying there ransom for there something that broadcasted over PBS "a free public system operated with donations" the American way; great ideas but a lack of forethought as to how much crap can be shoved into thirty min. leaving viewers searching their heads then finding their check book!!!!!

(Posted on 3/12/14)