When inspiration strikes, and especially when it doesn’t, you’ll want to make sure your quilt studio library is equipped with just the right books. That’s where you’ll find techniques, tips, tricks, and how-tos from some of the top art quilters and fiber artists in the world. Push the boundaries on your quilt projects with quilting books by top design and stitch visionaries! You’ll learn new quilting techniques (or brush up on old ones), and gain inspiration from the colors, textures, and designs of contemporary art quilters and mixed-media artists. Delve into new books and discover a quilting world inspiring beyond measure.

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  1. The 1718 Coverlet

    The 1718 Coverlet

    Discover the oldest know coverlet in the world block by block in this fascinating book. Learn More

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    Sale: $18.50

  2. Quick Column Quilts

    Quick Column Quilts

    Join Nancy Zieman as teaches you 12 new column quilt patterns! Learn More

    Item Number: U8743

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    Was: $24.99

    Sale: $18.62

  3. Quilt Essentials - 11 Quick & Easy Quilting Patterns

    Quilt Essentials - 11 Quick & Easy Quilting Patterns

    A collection of 11 quick and easy quilting projects. Learn More

    Item Number: U4809-U8717 -GROUPED

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    Starting at: $11.28

  4. Home Quilt Home

    Home Quilt Home

    Home Quilt Home is filled with 15 stunning original quilt designs based on the idea of "the home." Learn More

    Item Number: T1129-T4683-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $17.99

  5. New Ways with Jelly Rolls

    New Ways with Jelly Rolls

    Make modern quilts using jelly rolls for quick and easy piecing. Learn More

    Item Number: T3084-T6036-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $16.38

  6. Modern Nature-Inspired Quilts

    Modern Nature-Inspired Quilts

    Discover how to sew fresh and functional modern quilts using innovative free-cutting techniques. Award-winning German quilt artist Bernadette Mayr reveals her methods for capturing first impressions of nature in fabric, as she shows how to make contemporary quilts inspired by the world around us. Learn More

    Item Number: T4743

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  7. Screen Printing At Home

    Screen Printing At Home

    Learn how to create stunning, hand printed fabrics at home! Learn More

    Item Number: T1136-T5236-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $18.49

  8. Daisy Patch Valance CraftAble

    Daisy Patch Valance CraftAble

    With easy-to-follow instructions and crisp illustrations to make sewing a breeze, you will love creating the Daisy Patch Valance from Quick Quilt Projects with Jelly Rolls, Fat Quarters, Honeybuns and Layer Cakes by Darlene Zimmerman! Learn More

    Item Number: T5921

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  9. Effie's Web CraftAble

    Effie's Web CraftAble

    What a hoot this quilt is! So much color, so much movement. Create this string quilt today! Learn More

    Item Number: T5923

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  10. Grand Salon Quilt CraftAble

    Grand Salon Quilt CraftAble

    Create your own master piece with Tula Pink's Grand Salon Quilt! Learn More

    Item Number: T5924

    Availability: Download Now


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