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  1. Quilting Arts Holiday 2014

    Quilting Arts Holiday 2014

    Be inspired byQuilting Arts Holiday, 2014! This special issue magazine has 30+ projects that use unique surface treatments, fabric layering, and other must-learn techniques. Learn More

    Item Number: QG1400-EP8121-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $14.99

  2. Quick Column Quilts

    Quick Column Quilts

    Join Nancy Zieman as teaches you 12 new column quilt patterns! Learn More

    Item Number: U8743

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    Was: $24.99

    Sale: $18.62

  3. SCHMETZ Quilting Gift Box

    SCHMETZ Quilting Gift Box

    This needle set features a selection of favorite SCHMETZ needles. Perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself, get this essential gift pack today! Learn More

    Item Number: T6398

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  4. Almost Modern Pillow Quilting Pattern

    Almost Modern Pillow Quilting Pattern

    Take a traditional quilt block, add pops of color, and create a customized pillow to add a breath of fresh air to your home. Learn More

    Item Number: EP10271

    Availability: Download Now


  5. Quilt Essentials - 11 Quick & Easy Quilting Patterns

    Quilt Essentials - 11 Quick & Easy Quilting Patterns

    A collection of 11 quick and easy quilting projects. Learn More

    Item Number: U4809-U8717 -GROUPED

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    Starting at: $11.28

  6. Home Quilt Home

    Home Quilt Home

    Home Quilt Home is filled with 15 stunning original quilt designs based on the idea of "the home." Learn More

    Item Number: T1129-T4683-GROUPED

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    Starting at: $17.99

  7. Modern Wave Quilt Pattern

    Modern Wave Quilt Pattern

    Give the traditional log cabin quilt block a modern twist when you combine a large quilt block and a bold color palette. Learn More

    Item Number: EP10099

    Availability: Download Now


  8. Gourmet Values Quilt Pattern

    Gourmet Values Quilt Pattern

    Explore modern quilting with this alluring color block pattern. Learn More

    Item Number: EP10100

    Availability: Download Now


  9. Every Color Quilt Pattern

    Every Color Quilt Pattern

    Shine the spotlight on your favorite fabrics with this modern quilt pattern! Learn More

    Item Number: EP10101

    Availability: Download Now


  10. Capsule Quilt Pattern

    Capsule Quilt Pattern

    Add a burst of color with this patchwork quilt pattern from Modern Patchwork Spring 2014. Learn More

    Item Number: EP10102

    Availability: Download Now


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