Re-Bound Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials

Illustrated techniques, projects, and inspiration for creating artful handmade books out of recycled and repurposed materials.

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A beautiful book on bookbinding with a fun green twist—all the projects use recycled and upcycled materials!

Re-Bound shows you how to take everyday materials from around the house, flea markets, thrift stores, and hardware stores, and turn them into clever and eye-catching hand-bound books. Instead of asking, “What can I make a book out of,” you will be thinking, “What can’t I make a book out of?”

In Re-Bound, a vintage souvenir wallet becomes a photo album. Last year’s trendy sweater becomes a felted take-along journal. Even potato chip bags get a second life as a handy pocket notebook.

By incorporating found materials, your book making is not only economical—it's ecological! A variety of attractive, uncomplicated bindings, how-to instructions, and step-by-step illustrations bring each spectacular project to life.

  • Fifteen fully illustrated projects with unique variation and tip ideas.
  • A beautiful gallery of other re-bound creations by leading artists offers further inspiration
  • Ideas on where and how to gather your unique supplies

SKU: QM0895

Author/Speaker/Editor: Jeannine Stein

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781592535248

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: There's No Place Like Home–To Make a Book

  • Hot-Water Bottle Journal
  • Bath Rug Idea Journal
  • Potato-Chip Bag Notebook

Chapter 3: Hunting Buried Treasure: Flea Markets and Thrift Stores

  • Vintage Album-Cover Portfolio
  • Felted-Sweater Journal
  • Cabinet-Card Sketchbook

Chapter 4: From Mundane to Marvelous: Hardware, Home Supply, and Office Supply Stores

  • Paint-Sample Photo Album
  • Window-Screen Art Journal
  • Twelve-Month Organizer
  • Woven-Ticket Mini Book

Chapter 5:
Dive In: The Art of Dumpster Diving

  • Game-Board Travel Journal
  • Paint-by-Number Guest Book
  • Roll-Up Field Journal

Chapter 6: The Best Things in Bookbinding are Free

  • Pocket Gift-Card Book
  • Coaster Cocktail-Recipe Book
  • Pattern-Book Purse Journal

Chapter 7: Gallery

  • Templates, Patterns, and Guides
  • Stitch Glossary
  • Supplies and Resources

SKU: QM0895

Author/Speaker/Editor: Jeannine Stein

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781592535248