Resin Alchemy

Join resin authority Susan Lenart Kazmer as she covers the basics and goes beyond with this comprehensive jewelry making book. Get ready to add beautiful textures, colors, mixed media elements and more to your resin jewelry with this ultimate guide.

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All the essentials for working with resin!

Join award winning artist and trusted mixed media master, Susan Lenart Kazmer in this jewelry making book about one of the hottest trends: resin. Advance your skills as Susan takes you through all the steps for working with resin, from basic mixing and pouring advice to more involved techniques including resin casting.

Unlock the design potential and take your resin jewelry to the next level with this comprehensive book bursting with inspiration! Create projects that highlight stunning artistic effects with color, found objects, texture, casting, collage, and more! Discover how versatile this material is as you uncover all of Susan’s resin secrets.

Order your copy of this book today to:

  • Learn basic mixing and pouring plus advanced techniques including surface treatments, creating internal cracking, and more.
  • Effectively combine resin with your metalwork as you explore using wirework, cold connections, and dapped sheet metal to create beautiful jewelry designs.
  • Create beautiful freestanding resin-coated forms including hollow forms, a stacked paper ring, and more!
  • Create different finishes with detailed directions and tips for being successful.
  • And much more!

SKU: 12BD09

Author/Speaker/Editor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596686441

Number Of Pages: 160

Table of Contents


Introduction: Endless Possibilities for Designing with Resin

Chapter 1—The Art of Mixing and Pouring Resin

Sidebar 1-1: Surface Treatments: Crackling, Sanding, Crosshatching, Scoring, Drilling & Carving
Sidebar 1-2: 7 Tips for Choosing and Combining Objects
Sidebar 1-3: Talismans, Amulets, Relics, and Prayer Boxes

Technique 1-1: Bezel with Interior Crackling
Technique 1-2: Bezel with Engraving

Chapter 2—Basic Metalworking Techniques for Resin Jewelry Design

Sidebar 2-1: Resin—A Wonder Glue for Connections
Sidebar 2-2: Wire + Resin = Favorite Combinations

Technique 2-1: Eyelets
Technique 2-2: Nut-and-Screw Rivets
Technique 2-3: Metal Fibers
Technique 2-4: Dapped Sheet Metal Bezel

Project 2-1: Scrolled Prayer Box

Chapter 3—Creating Simple Bezel Forms for Resin

Sidebar 3-1: Tips on Building Mixed-Media Collages

Project 3-1: Triangle Wire Bezel
Project 3-2: Heart Wire Bezel
Project 3-3: Shaker Box Bezel

Chapter 4—Freestanding Resin-Coated Forms

Sidebar 4-1: Resin Hollow Forms
Sidebar 4-2: Image Transfers, Stamping, and Handwriting

Project 4-1: Dried Flora and Fauna
Project 4-2: Resin-Coated Paper Leaves
Project 4-3: Eggshell Prayer Box
Project 4-4: Stacked Paper Ring

Chapter 5—Casting Resin

Project 5-1: Rubber Silicone Casting: Open form mold, using mica powders
Project 5-2: Rubber Silicone Casting: Closed form mold, using acrylic paint
Project 5-3: Resin-Made Druzy Stones

Chapter 6—Cold Enameling & Surface Treatments on Resin

Technique 6-1: Plique-a-Jour Crackle Technique
Technique 6-2: Cold Enamel Powder Technique
Technique 6-3: Cloisonne Using Mica Powders

Project 6-1: Cold-Enameled Head Pins

Chapter 7—Finishing & Fixes

SKU: 12BD09

Author/Speaker/Editor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596686441

Number Of Pages: 160

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Customer Reviews

Buy this before you buy resin Review by Debora

Ebook rocks! The most useful (and one of most fun to read) books of all genres I ''ve bought in the last 6 months, and I buy many craft publications and a whole lot of trashy novels, so the fun comment is really meaningful. Saved me about 20 (part time) years of experimentation. Also has many suggestions I would never have thought up but will now try, even though my style is very different. BUY NOW.

(Posted on 7/26/2013)

(Posted on 7/26/2013)