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Respect the Spindle (DVD)

In Respect the Spindle: The Video, veteran spinner and spindle aficionado Abby Franquemont shows spinners old and new how to create volumes of incredible yarn with this amazing yet simple tool.

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In Respect the Spindle: The Video, veteran spinner and spindle aficionado Abby Franquemont shows spinners old and new how to create volumes of incredible yarn with this amazing yet simple tool.

You’ll learn:
• How spinning works and how to spin on a simple stick
• How to make a functional spindle out of almost anything
• How to spin a lot of excellent yarn in an amazingly short time
• How to manage the yarn supply, to ply efficiently, and to finish appropriately

The result? Spinning will become your take-along, anytime, anywhere craft. You won’t want to leave home without it.

SKU: 09SP05

Author/Speaker/Editor: Abby Franquemont

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596682573

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Customer Reviews

Covers everything Review by Desiree

I'm relatively new to spinning and this DVD gave me all I needed to know. Highly recommended

(Posted on 6/6/14)

Does play on new computer Review by Kathleen

My original review said the video download wouldn't play on my new computer. I eventually got it to work.

I like the video, though I think it could have been betterl

(Posted on 3/10/14)

Won't play on new computer Review by Kathleen

I down loaded this in 2011. I have a new computer and it does not play. Something about the compression being incompatible with the new MP3 player. Rather frustrating. What other downloads won't work in the future??

(Posted on 12/22/13)

Without this video I wouldn't be a spinner. Review by Kelly Corder

Thanks to Abby and her video I am quite proficient at spindle spinning. I really enjoy spinning and use it to calm myself when stressed. This video has the ability to make you spin better just by watching. I was spinning messily when I popped the DVD in originally and I looked down half way thru it and my single was about lace weight, even, and gorgeous. Just watching how Abby drafts and spins and wraps on makes you see what you need to do. I recommend this DVD to all of my friends and have even passed it on to people that I've taught to spin to help them out a little more when they have questions and can't come to me in person. This is the DVD for anyone who wants to learn to spin, spin better, or get a better understanding of spinning in the first place. I can't wait to get Abby's video on drafting. Not because I need it after spinning for almost 2 years now...but because I like her teaching efforts and think she's great.

(Posted on 1/21/12)

Respect the Spindle Review by Victoria Moran

This DVD is awesome. Abby tells you all there is to know about using a spindle. Maybe more then some want to know, but I found the history totally fascinating. I thought, if a 5 year old child can learn this, I can too. I just recently learned to spin, but Abby gave me so many little tidbits of advice in this video. It was just what I was looking for to advance to the next level. I'm looking forward to getting better using all the techniques she describes. I was thinking of getting a spinning wheel, and now I think I'll stay with the spindle a little bit longer! Great Video, highly recommend

(Posted on 6/1/11)

Respect the Spindle Review by sidonna bright

I saw a brief portion of this video on interweave website. I thought it was very good. The presenter used her black top several times to assist me to see her thread and her method. I have been taking private lessons and I learned the following: 1) how to make the spindle from inexpensive materials, 2) how to wrap the thread around the hand and 3) the art of drafting without necessarily using parking - I thought it improved my understanding more than the way I have been learning!

(Posted on 11/10/10)

Very disappointed Review by Beth Crook

As a beginner spindle user, I was looking forward to this DVD. I was very disappointed! The color of the fiber she was using was much too close to the color of her t-shirt making it difficult to see what she was demonstrating. I also thought that she talked/lectured too much instead of showing how to use the spindle. I did not learn anything new from this video.

(Posted on 9/22/10)

Helpful, but not as much as I was hoping Review by Sarah Gossip

I specifically purchased this video to learn about the drop spindle; my spindle is a bottom whorl, however, and all of the demonstrations were done with a top whorl. I found some of the tips informative, but the camera angles were quite far back which made demonstration difficult and the colour of the yarn was difficult to see against the background. The video did not help me solve my problem with the bottom whorl drop spindle, but gave me the incentive to keep trying. However, I ended up buying a proper spinning wheel, which is proving much less frustrating that a drop spindle.

(Posted on 4/13/10)

A wonderful video for beginners Review by Sarah Mongano

This is an incredibly helpful dvd for the beginning spindler. I rated it 5 stars for that. I wish I had something this useful when I learned to spin. But, its very basic and I''m writing this review because I don''t think that the description provided by interweave is detailed enough to reveal that. It covers basic techniques like park and draft, and then basic plying the way Abby does it. More experienced spindle spinners (like me), might be disappointed if they are expecting this to be a video version of the Respect The Spindle book. It does not go into spindle mechanics, types of spindles beyond high and low whorl, other plying techniques, or other topics her book covers.

(Posted on 2/22/10)

I loved it! Review by W. E. Gorlick

<p>Hmm, I took a chance on the download after reading the prior negative review and had absolutely no issues with pixilation. I was thrilled with it. Now that being said I am a new spindler and a fairly new wheel spinner. Personally I got a lot out of watching Abbey handle her spindle so nonchalantly, she's rather the Julia Child of spindlers in the fact that she is so relaxed about it.</p> <p>I thoroughly enjoyed the historical snippets and personal anecdotes, as well as the feeling that I was in the room with her and she was talking to a friend. Abbey's already helped me get my brand new Navajo supported spindle going even though she doesn't refer to that specific type of spindle at all. However, the same techniques and her mention of the needed angle of the yarn coming off the tip certainly helped me 'get' the concept. I''m so glad I took the plunge and bought it...if you are hesitating, don't!</p>

(Posted on 2/18/10)

The VIdeo that Spins Review by Andres Nevarez

In this day and Age you think that an HD video is the best to sell. The preview of this video is misleading you to believe that the download has the same quality, it does not. The quality of this video is so bad that her faces gets all pixelated crazy. I like Abby and her book is great, but the way this DOWNLoad is being delivered is very low quality compared to the You Tube preview, go figure. I will say wait until they hae an HD QUality Download.

(Posted on 1/23/10)