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Respect the Spindle (Video Download)

In Respect the Spindle: The Video, veteran spinner and spindle aficionado Abby Franquemont shows spinners old and new how to create volumes of incredible yarn with this amazing yet simple tool.
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In Respect the Spindle: The Video, veteran spinner and spindle aficionado Abby Franquemont shows spinners old and new how to create volumes of incredible yarn with this amazing yet simple tool.

You’ll learn:
• How spinning works and how to spin on a simple stick
• How to make a functional spindle out of almost anything
• How to spin a lot of excellent yarn in an amazingly short time
• How to manage the yarn supply, to ply efficiently, and to finish appropriately

The result? Spinning will become your take-along, anytime, anywhere craft. You won’t want to leave home without it.

SKU: EP1918

Author/Speaker/Editor: Abby Franquemont

Format: Standard Definition Video

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Customer Reviews

Great Instructor! Tons of Tips! Review by Denielle Noe

I am very new to the spinning world and this is a fantastic video to watch and learn from. Abbey, the instructor, has a very easy going, approachable manner. The instruction was very clear and concise. I learned many tips to improve my spinning.

(Posted on 7/14/14)

No longer disliking my drop spindle Review by Jane Rock Costanza

Abby Franquemont presents spindling in a clear, concise, and informative way. Her own relaxed regard for the spindle transfers to those who watch and past frustrations with spindling dissipate. I can't recommend this video highly enough. Unlike some viewers, I had no problem with the technical aspects of the digital video itself. It played smoothly and was visually very clear. (I did not download the HD version)

(Posted on 5/15/12)

Good Video for the Beginner Review by Tammie Scott

I agree with other reviewers that the topics covered in this DVD are excellent but the video quality is not so great. I also have the problem that if I pause the video and come back a few minutes later, the sound track continues but the video picture is just a blank screen, so I have to restart the video over again and find my place. The video is a great companion to go with the book, which I have as well.

(Posted on 2/4/12)

Respect the Spindle Video Review by Karren Brito

I am trying to become a proficient spinner on the spindle. Local teachers are nice but had me using a heavy spindle and making fat yarn -- frustrating having the spindle fall down every two minutes. After being amazed watching her talk and spin, almost unaware, I learned enough with the first watching to jump start my spindling. With Abby's help, I moved to a dowel and toy wheel spindle like she uses in the video, thin yarn and now I have balls of yarn and almost no clunks. I'll rewatch the video for more pointers. I have her book, but spinning is a kinetic activity and seeing her do it is so much better.

(Posted on 5/4/11)

Excellent for all stages Review by Elizabeth Lendall

I really like this video. The information is presented in a friendly and personable manner. Lots of good, solid information too. So many instruction videos make assumptions about what you do and don't know. Not this one. Every single step is shown. Everything is explained. I recommend this video for everyone, beginner on up.

(Posted on 4/28/11)

Review by elizabeth hansen

This was a great intro. I feel like I could attempt this and get something highly resembling yarn with a little bit of practice and without becoming so wrapped in wool that I'd need help to escape. I'll be hitting the store tomorrow to pick up supplies. I had no problems with the video quality, I use VLC media player. Thanks for the sale! I was thinking about trying this and this was the perfect motivator.

(Posted on 4/27/11)

Wonderful video to learn spindle spinning Review by Michele Girard

What a wonderful video, full of information and very well done. There could be a little more contrast between the color of Amy's t-shirt and the yarn, but despite that, the video is totally worth it. I learned a bunch watching it.

(Posted on 4/27/11)

Spindle Learning Nirvana Review by Rhonda Tippett

Abby is an incredible, knowledgeable spinner and teacher. I''ve recently started spindling and this video has answered all the questions I had, from what to do when the twist runs up into the fiber source to how to wind on efficiently. This is a treat for visual learners like me. This deserves five stars for content, Abby''s delivery style and for the video quality. The video quality and refresh rate is perfect, even on full screen for me. Computer processor speed/video chip may affect the viewing quality. Instant gratification and one of the top spinning teachers in one download is a win. Thanks, great job, Abby and Interweave.

(Posted on 6/17/10)

Learn to spin without Fear Review by Andres Nevarez

Abby makes spinning very easy and approachable. This video is a great tool for the beginner and gives you a great insight into the beginnings of spinning. Thank You Interweave for a Good Quality Video for download. Keep up the good work.

(Posted on 1/26/10)

Bad video quality Review by Malin Nilsson

I agree; great content, bad video quality. Even worse: I wrote an email to interweave and complained about it and after two weeks (!) I still haven''t received a reply.

(Posted on 1/20/10)

Good content, poor video compression Review by Carl Cravens

I agree with the other reviewers, the content of the video was straight-forward and well-presented. But the video quality leaves something to be desired. The resolution is reasonable, but there is a great deal of distortion (compression artifacts) where motion is present, especially Abby''s face. While this doesn''t detract from the lesson (I don''t think there was ever a case in which I couldn''t see what was happening), it''s very distracting. I wouldn''t mind this so much if the download didn''t cost 75% of the DVD price.

(Posted on 1/10/10)

Must Have for Spindle Users Review by NULL NULL

Finally someone was clever enough to know that we needed to see it in action. This is one of the most worthwhile videos on spinning I have ever purchased and totally worth it. I''ve read books on using a spindle but there''s just no comparison to seeing it done. Abby Franquemont demonstrates how to use both high and low spindles and gives amazing tips and advice throughout the video. Her detail on the twist entering the fibre alone is worth the purchase. She covers drafting, spinning techniques on both the high and low spindle (parking and drafing) and plying. While demonstrating she gives endless tips, techniques and problem solving tips, even techniques on winding, ball and skein making. The only small negative statement is that I would have liked a few more closeups on the hands but it doesn''t change my overall rating of the video.

(Posted on 12/21/09)

Review by Miranda Pratt

I''m enjoying the video. I haven''t finished watching it, but I''m noticing a few things right away. Firstly, Abby is a wonderful teacher. She explains clearly with demonstrations and goes into details about why she does things a certain way. Secondly, this is why the video doesn''t get 5 stars, the download is mid-low quality. At times, Abby''s face and hands are lost because the video doesn''t refresh quickly enough to keep up with the movement. I''m not noticing a problem with seeing the spindles, but the techniques are in the hands and if it''s difficult to see that, what''s the point of watching the video? This is a good purchase if you can''t wait to get the DVD, but I''d recommend buying the DVD for the better video quality.

(Posted on 12/21/09)