Romantic Bezels: Mixed-Media Jewelry From Found Objects

Transform your found and cherished objects into one-of-a kind bezels with insight and instruction from jewelry artist Kristen Robinson.

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Embrace your romantic side with this information-packed workshop on how to not only make your own resin-filled bezels. Learn how to drill, fire, and transform metal into your own personalized pieces. For timeless projects that are perfect for jewelry, mixed-media art, fabric art, and collage, look no further than Romantic Bezels: Mixed Media Jewelry from Found Objects!

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  • Become a tool-wielding pro in your workspace. Kristen provides an in-depth look at necessary tools (and homemade alternatives!), safety techniques, and helpful hints that are key to working with bezels.
  • Learn how to select, mix, pour, and get creative with how you use resin. Kristen clearly explains different techniques, as well as how to pour open backed verses closed back filigrees for classic jewelry and more.
  • Create connections, including jump rings, head pins and chains. Perfect for beginners, Kristen describes safe ways to use a drill, how to fix any mishaps, and gives a detailed demonstration on each technique.
  • Become comfortable manipulating metal safely and skillfully, whether it’s with a butane torch, a flat head hammer, or a soldering iron.

Filled with a wealth of information, Kristen’s workshop will encourage you to expand your creative sense, capabilities, and create pieces that are unique and romantic.

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SKU: 13QM11

Author/Speaker/Editor: Kristen Robinson

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781620335055


ICE Resin®

Filigrees or other found objects

Artwork for bezels

Transparency, printed

Packing tape

Silicone craft sheet or non-stick baking sheet

Disposable gloves

Craft sticks

Plastic measuring cups (medicine variety)

Straight pin

Craft knife

Acrylic paint

Sandpaper, nail buffing block, or steel wool


Silver wire, 24- and 22-gauge

Annealed steel wire, 18-gauge

Drill with small bits

Dowel , ½", steel or wood

Flux and brush

Butane torch and firing block

Bowl with water

Lead-free solder

Soldering iron (Optional)

Bench block

Bench pillow (Optional)

Hammers, ball-peen and rawhide

Bracelet mandrel

Nuts and Screws (2.5 cm l x 1mm w)

Rhinestone chain

Jewelry adhesive

Wire cutters

Round-nose pliers

Flat-nose pliers (2) or jump ring tool

Paper towels

Baby wipes

3-5mm Grey Pearls

1-15mm Coin Pearl

2-6mm Silver bead caps

Silver clasp

Jeweler’s metal file

Wood, scrap

Chain, purchased

Bone folder

Clamp, wood jewelry

SKU: 13QM11

Author/Speaker/Editor: Kristen Robinson

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781620335055