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Scarf Style eBook: Innovative to Traditional, 31 Inspirational Styles to Knit and Crochet

This eBook collection of 31 elegant, whimsical, and ingenious scarves taps the expertise of over twenty-five knitwear designers.

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Expand your idea of what a scarf can be!  This eBook collection of 31 elegant, whimsical, and ingenious scarves taps the expertise of over twenty-five knitwear designers who offer new ways to think about this most basic of garments.

Expect to be surprised: a timeless scarf that uses cables and stitch patterns, a "scarf" that functions as a pair of portable sleeves with a turtleneck, a delicate triangular shawl based on traditional Estonian lace patterns, and a deconstructed striped scarf held together with brightly colored bobbles. Although each scarf is an individual interpretation by such prominent designers as Kathryn Alexander, Debbie Bliss, Nancy Bush, Lily Chin, Nicky Epstein, Sasha Kagan, Sally Melville, and Kristin Nicholas when the scarves are considered together, they represent an exploration of techniques that provide new ways to think about knitting and crochet.

Scarf Style is also a manual on how to make a scarf without a pattern—with only a pile of leftover yarns or several carefully chosen skeins, any knitter can create an imaginative scarf. A section on knitting and crochet basics helps beginners get started, and the Designer's Notebook provides templates for basic scarves worked in three directions—end to end, sideways, or on the diagonal—along with suggestions for design variations, stitch patterns, stripe arrangements, and shapes. This easy-to-download eBook is sure to make you into a scarf wearer, and make a knitter or crocheter out of anyone who loves to wear scarves.

Table of Contents

Why Scarves?

Scarf Patterns

  • Bright Stripes- Kristin Nicholas
  • Here and There Cables- Norah Gaughan
  • Forbes Forest- Kathy Zimmerman
  • Fair Isle Jazz- Mags Kandis
  • Braided Mischief- Teva Durham
  • Campus Scarf- Fiona Ellis
  • Ene's Scarf- Nancy Bush
  • Zigzag Stripes- Debbie Bliss
  • Nasty Dog Dragon Scarf- Nicky Epstein
  • Interlocking Balloons- Shirley Paden
  • Stripes and Bobbles- Amanda Blair Brown
  • Rosebud Scarf- Sasha Kagan
  • Misty Garden- Jo Sharp
  • Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole- Kathleen Power Johnson
  • Color on Color- Kathryn Alexander
  • Turkish Treasure- Mari Lynn Patrick
  • "Shippo" Tail Scarves- Setsuko Torii
  • Vintage Velvet- Lisa Daniels
  • Backyard Leaves- Annie Modesitt
  • Turtleneck Shrug- Teva Durham
  • Wear-As-A-Collar Scarf- Sally Melville
  • Garter Stitch Wrap- Catherine Lowe
  • Midwest Moonlight- Ivy Bigelow
  • Blizzard- Leigh Radford
  • Blue Collar- Teva Durham
  • Ruffles- Amanda Blair Brown
  • Retro- Lily M. Chin
  • Ruffled Capelet with Sleeves- Pam Allen
  • Not-So-Plain Geometric Scarf- Paula Jenne
  • Floral Trellis Scarf- Ann Budd
  • Beads of Earth- Jane Davis

Design Notebook
Glossary of Terms and Techniques

About the Author

Pam Allen is the former editor of Interweave Knits and has been part of the hand-knitting industry since 1985. She joined Classic Elite Yarns in May 2007. Her designs have been published in Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, and Knitters. Her work was also featured in general interest magazines—Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, and Woman’s Day—and in Melanie Falick’s book Knitting in America (1996) and Vogue Knitting/American Collection (2000). She is the author of Knitting for Dummies and Scarf Style, and the co-author of 4 other titles in the Style series published by Interweave Press. As former editor of Interweave Knits, Pam worked with established hand-knitwear designers such as Norah Gaughan, Mari Lynn Patrick, and Deborah Newton, and she also encouraged new-generation designers such as Veronik Avery and Kate Gilbert. As creative director at CEY, Pam continues to work with these and other talented and well-known hand-knitwear designers, including up-and-coming blogger and designer Jared Flood. She also continues to be published not only in CEY’s semi-annual collection of best selling pattern booklets, but also in major knitting magazines, and e-zines, such as Twist Collective and

SKU: EP4802

Author/Speaker/Editor: Pam Allen

Format: eBook

ISBN 13: 9781596687509

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Customer Reviews

Disappointed, disgusted Review by Faye

I bought this book in good faith, and I'm upset, disgusted and disappointed because the pictures are blurry. Not what I paid for. Don't buy this ebook. Whoever ran off these copies should be ashamed...the quality is very poor.

(Posted on 3/8/14)

Great content variety. Review by Robyn

A huge range of different projects to be inspired and choose from. Perfect for the scarf lover. One star is lost because in my download almost all the pictures are quite blurry but the instructions are clear and fine. I got this as a freebie when I bought the Scarf Style Book 2 which is also a fabulous collection of inspiration. I don't download very often and the Scarf 2 Book is great quality so maybe I'll stick to hardcopy format. The two books together offer a fabulous array of possibilities, congrats to your designers and keep up the good work.

(Posted on 12/29/13)

You will not be disappointed! Review by nannee

I bought this for one pattern, The Lady Eleanor entrelac stole and was hoping I would also find other patterns I would like ...Wow was I happily surprised... I like so many , I lost count, and now i don't know which one to start on first!

(Posted on 9/20/13)