Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry with DVD Techniques + Explorations

Sculpt exceptional metal clay jewelry using modern designs and techniques with master teacher Kate McKinnon
Paperback + DVD

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Learn the art of metal clay from master teacher and jewelry artist, Kate McKinnon. Known for her signature style featuring sculptural forms, moving parts, and organic designs, she offers her metal-clay jewelry tips, tricks, and techniques in this detailed workshop-in-a-book featuring step-by-step photography, instruction, and a DVD of key techniques.

Sculpture Metal Clay Jewelry, begins with an overview of the properties of metal clay, including safety information and metalsmithing terms. Next, Kate offers detailed techniques for creating a variety of components, settings, findings, attachments, 3-D forms, and textured effects that are the foundation of her jewelry designs. All of the techniques are shown with step-by-step photography. For added instructional assistance, meet the author and see her techniques in action on the enclosed DVD. The technique section is followed by 10 unique projects that combine the foundation techniques with one-of-a kind design elements. Projects include three-dimensional rings, organic chain designs, metal clay, and bead pendants, and more. All the designs have components made from metal clay including the clasps, chain, and settings, moveable and removable pieces, unusual textures and patinas, unique construction and engineering, plus creative ways to incorporate beads. This book offers jewelry artists both the techniques and design inspiration needed to create gallery-level jewelry that is truly art to wear.


About the Author

Kate McKinnon is a mixed-media jewelry artist who lives and works in Tucson, Arizona. Her work focuses on the engineering of how elements work together, connect, and grow into finished pieces of jewelry. Kate started working in metal clay when it was first introduced in America, and her work stands out in her field for its focus not only on professional construction, but also for her focus on safe handling. She won the prestigious Rio Grande Saul Bell award in 2005 for her innovative design with the product and has taught and lectured internationally.

“In the 60 minute DVD,  she comes off relaxed and professional on screen and easily demonstrates that she not only knows her stuff when it comes to metal clay and metalsmithing, but she also knows how to teach, something you don't always find with artists.” –Tammy Powley, editor, Guide to Jewelry Making

“As a teacher, Kate McKinnon is nonpareil.  The book is perfectly beautiful in its presentation, with excellent clear and informative photographs, whether of the tools you will require or of the projects offered. The DVD reinforces aspects of the book which you may have missed.” – Australian Beading Magazine

“Kate McKinnon’s fine silver metal clay pieces are stunning and wonderfully architectural in design.  This book will not disappoint!” – Bead Unique
“Kate is, quite possibly, the best jewelry engineer I have ever met.  Her work is not only structurally sound, built to last and comfortable, but it has just that right edgy *snap!* to make it truly artful.”  - Jean Campbell, former editor, Beadwork magazine

‘There is something to be said for an artist who focuses entirely on one medium with a relentless specificity.  What happens is an alchemy of sorts, a magic that can only be forged from patience, tenacity and the willingness to dig deep.”  - Margot Potter, The Impatient Crafter
“Sound introduction to the basics along with some innovative ideas.  The enclosed DVD with sixty minutes of run time is as close as you can get to having a private tutorial session.” –

“This book is great for metal clay artisans of all levels.  Refreshingly Kate treats metal clay not just as a stand-alone product but as one of the many tools and techniques that a metalsmith can employ in their design arsenal.  Kate’s approach is to be applauded and (if more widely adopted) would certainly help metal clays acceptance in the traditional metalsmithing community.” – PMC Tips Blog

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Kate McKinnon

Format: Paperback + DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596681743

Number Of Pages: 160

Customer Reviews

Groundbreaking And A Game Changer Review by Michael Capps

I'm relatively new to metalsmithing (less than 2 years) and have felt that metal clay as a medium had potential but didn't (yet) have a place in serious metalsmithing, considering it a "shape & bake game" meant for people who weren't interested in real metalsmithing. Kate's approach and teachings have changed all of that. Her approach is based on good science and is absolutely a game changer. And as a scientist I found myself saying "now why didn't I think of that?". I've rushed to purchase every book and video available from this incredibly bright and talented artist/scientist and am happy now to include metal clay in my work without feeling that I'm "dummying down" on my craft. Quite the contrary. This is simple, straightforward yet groundbreaking stuff and I absolutely love it!

(Posted on 8/11/11)

Scultural I come! Review by Sandi Reed

This book and dvd are wonderful! The book is beautifully clean and wonderfully written and animated! I love the author's teaching on the dvd! She doesn't treat u like a child and her tips and organizational tricks are spot on! She gives you what you need and not of what you don't! Some dvd's can make u "afraid" but she is the one who made me delve into this medium! Thanku for this great duo!

(Posted on 1/13/11)