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Secrets of Yarn Substitution OnDemand

Learn the importance of gauge, fiber content, and more with Patty Lyon's webinar for perfect yarn substitution.
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Learn to substitutive with confidence!


Proper yarn selection can make or break your knitting project. If done properly, you will have a finished object that will fit you like a glove (or a hat, or a sweater.)


Patty Lyons has spent years teaching thousands of students to think about their yarn and needles as their ingredients and how to choose them with the care of a top chef. Patty teaches nationally at shows like STITCHES, VK Live and the Knit and Crochet Show as well as at guilds around the country. She’ll share with you her secrets to choosing the perfect yarn, and how to make sure you never run out once you do!


Learn just how much a knitted swatch can teach you as you explore the difference between yardage and weight and pattern gauge versus yarn gauge. Discover the three main factors of choosing your yarn, and explore a world beyond gauge as we delve into the properties of different fibers. 

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With this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to understand gauge.
  • How to properly estimate the amount of yarn you'll need based on a pattern.
  • How to use your swatch and a sketch to figure out your required yardage when you don't have a pattern.
  • How to best make yarn choices based on stitch pattern and yarn color.
  • How to make great yarn choices by understanding the properties of fiber, such as warmth, absorbency, elasticity, memory, and drape.
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Join Patty for this informative, fun webinar and learn the secrets of yarn substitution!

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PATTY LYONS decided to leave her previous life as a Broadway stage manager in 2005 to follow her passion and work in the knitting world. After managing a local yarn store, in 2008 she joined Lion Brand Yarn to help create the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City, where she served as the Studio Director until 2013.


Patty now teaches nationally at guilds & knitting shows around the country such as Vogue Knitting LIVE, Knit and Crochet Show (the official show of TKGA and CGOA), and STITCHES. A certified knitting instructor, Patty focuses on helping her students see the 'why to' not just the 'how to'. She specializes in sweater design and sharing her love of the much-maligned subjects of gauge and blocking. 


Patty’s designs and knitting articles can be found in Creative Knitting and Knit ‘N Style magazine. According to knitwear designer Melissa Leapman, “Patty Lyons has done more to promote the pure love of knitting in New York City than anyone I can think of. Her enthusiasm for the craft is surpassed only by her dedication to quality education. The industry is lucky to have her.”


Patty loves to knit, crochet, spin and has even dabbled on the knitting machine. She is currently attempting not to get sucked into another yarncraft, but weaving is looking pretty interesting.

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Customer Reviews

Secrets of Yarn Substitution -- On Demand Review by Judy

I learned a lot from this short class. It might have been better had I been able to join in the live session, but I couldn't. I still benefited from it, though. I still don't totally understand everything that was presented, but I have a start in the right direction.

(Posted on 1/23/14)

Good Information Review by Peggy

This answered my questions about what to do if the yarn called for in a pattern is not available. I especially profited from the discussion of yards vs grams in figuring out how much yarn to buy, also how the weight of the yarn can drastically affect the yardage. Paying attention to fiber content is also important if you want the same qualities of drape, etc. in the finished garment.

(Posted on 1/20/14)

Lady knows her yarn Review by Myriam

I really liked this webinar. Patty Lyons is a good presentor, and I learned just what I was looking for: what yarn to choose for what use, how to pick a yarn different from the one the pattern recommends, and most importantly, how to judge the quantity of yarn needed for a pattern I'd design myself. I specially loved the tips about the comparison between yarns of yesteryear and today's yarns.

I would have loved if the webinar could have had more pictures of Patty's tools (like her blocking board) and finished products. Nevertheless, she illustrated her point of "always swatch and block" very well with pictures of different swatches in different designs. I won't forget it.

This webinar actually changed the way I knit for the better!

(Posted on 11/21/13)