Sew Wild Creating With Stitch and Mixed Media + DVD

Liberate your sewing and mixed media!
Paperback + DVD

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Liberate your sewing and mixed media!

Sew Wild gives you the green light to make great surface design and mixed media art by breaking the rules and showing you there is no right or wrong way of creating. Enjoy the unlimited freedom and possibilities of color, pattern, and customizable fabric. Get wild with printing, painting, drawing, stenciling, and other surface design methods. Explore unique design materials such as plastic bags, photographs, and cardboard. Inside Sew Wild you'll find 12 simple sewing projects to make colorful, wearable, and hip designs, including a stunning wall quilt, adorable hats for kids or adults, a pretty wreath, cuff bracelets, and a modern ruffled apron.

Influenced by graffiti, collages, and nature, Alisa Burke shares more than 20 mixed-media and stitching techniques to transform fabric from boring to exploding with color and pattern. By freely exploring and combining many techniques with no restrictions, you'll develop the skills to make an infinite variety of handmade fabrics at a fraction of the cost of commercial prints. Alisa also demonstrates many of the sewing/mixed-media techniques and essentials of surface design and on the accompanying DVD, which also includes an exclusive bonus project.

Whether you're already a rule-breaker or you're looking to improvise, Sew Wild shows you how to create fabric and designs that explode with color, pattern, and soul.

Table of Contents
Materials and Tools
Color and Pattern
Finding Inspiration

Surface Design Techniques
  • Doodling and Drawing
  • Freewriting, Lettering, and Text
  • Graffiti-Style Lettering
  • Building Layers of Color with Paint
  • Wet-on-Wet Painting
  • Woodblock Printing
  • Creating Pattern with Glue Resist
  • Discharging with Bleach and Adding Color
  • Monotype
  • Easy Screen Printing with Embroidery Hoop or Picture Frame
  • Stenciling
  • Masking
  • Fusing Plastic
    Stitching Techniques
  • Messy Stitching
  • Free-Motion Stitching
  • Stitching Over Patterned and Painted Surfaces
  • Establishing Line, Contrast, and Color with Machine Stitching
  • Journaling and Writing with Machine Stitching
  • Freehand and Expressive Drawing
  • Sewing with Alternative Materials
  • Building Stitched Layers
  • Graffiti Quilting
  • Rosette Pillow
  • Smart + Wild Laptop Case and Phone Case
  • Obi-Style Wrap Belt
  • Romantic Ruffle Apron
  • Improvisational Art Quilt
  • Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelet
  • Flower Strap Bracelet
  • Fabulous Fusion Tote Bag
  • Graffiti Pillow
  • Graffiti Zipper Bag
  • Flower Fabric Wreath
  • Cozy Jersey Scarf
  • Messy Bucket Hat
    Recommended Reading

  • Putting It All Together: Surface Design and Stitching Techniques
  • Bonus Project: Fiber Flags
  • Bonus Technique: Fabric Flowers
  • Preview
    About the Author
    Alisa Burke is a painter and mixed-media artist who studied fine art at Portland State University. She draws inspiration from street art, graffiti, art history, fashion, and found objects. Alisa's artwork has been featured in Quilting Arts and other magazines as well as in galleries. In addition to making art, Alisa teaches a variety of workshops nationwide and has appeared as a guest artist on the PBS series Quilting Arts TV and the DIY network
    "Sewing enthusiasts who are looking to bring new energy to their sewing and crafting will find Sew Wild a great resource for fabric techniques and designs that explode with color, pattern, and excitement." – Linda Lanese, Felting Editor
    "Just when I think I've come across every way you can stitch or every surface you can stitch on, Alisa comes up with more.  There are so many learning opportunities in Sew Wild, it's like going on a mixed-media stitch retreat without the time and expense of travel!" – Pokey Bolton, editorial director, Quilting Arts
    "She truly uses her sewing machine with artistic abandon.  She customizes plain fabric with paint, simple printmaking, and machine embroidery, then sews them together in a style that evokes collage and graffiti for a uniquely layered look." – Tricia Waddell, editor, Stitch Magazine
    "I love the way she encourages novice and more experienced sewers to let loose and explore, rather than be intimidated by rules and patterns." – Cate Prato, editor,
    "The perfect book to help you find ways to use those bits of fabric scraps that tend to pile up more and more with every sewing project." – The Detroit News
    "I have been inspired to sew again! I owe it all to Alisa Burke and her fabulous new book, Sew Wild." – Linda Woods, author of Journal Revolution
    "Sew Wild is a visual and creative treat.  Her style is artistic, but with an urban edge. Her projects are vibrant, raw, and utterly fabulous." – Anne Weaver, Sewing Editor
    "I’m enthralled with her process.  Being a quilter, I typically hide my top-stitching by using a matching thread, but Alisa’s bold designs are truly embellished by her wide range of free-motion stitches.  Alisa’s artistic process means these projects are like nothing you’ve seen elsewhere." –
    "I absolutely love this book!  When a book can get me to drop everything and try a technique or make something – that’s a keeper." – Bloom, Bake, Create blog
    Sew Wild: Creating with Stitch and Mixed Media by Alisa Burke is a visual and creative treat.  Her style is artistic, but with an urban edge.  Her projects are vibrant, raw, and utterly fabulous.” – CraftGossip.Com Sewing Site
    “I've gone wild!  Well, maybe unrestrained might be a better word to describe my stitching style for the past couple of days.” –
    “She is really going out-of-the-box and coming up with the most delightful designs to inspire us.  Everything she shows us, on her DVD, is made with simple supplies that are inexpensive and everything is extremely achievable.” – Felting site

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    Author/Speaker/Editor: Alisa Burke

    Format: Paperback + DVD

    ISBN 13: 9781596683501

    Customer Reviews

    Once I'd got my knickers unbunched, excellent! Review by K. Amber

    I watched the DVD first, see, and Ms. Burke committed my pet peeve right off the bat: referring to her audience (me included) as "you guys". I hate when people do that. Once I'd for over that, however, I found myself referring back to the book again and again.

    I love her use of recycled and home-made fabrics. As a burgeoning surface designer, I have a lot of bits of things that didn't quite work as planned, or sampled nicely but are too small for anything. Now I have ways to use them.

    Her "messy stitching" encouraged me to try without fear the free motion settings on my machine.

    (Posted on 7/30/13)

    Nice book but not mixed media Review by NULL NULL

    If you're keen to learn a variety of simple ways of doing surface design on fabric by applying paint, ink, dye, or decolourant, this is the book for you. On the other hand, if you're a regular reader of Quilting Arts you have already read about many of these techniques (and then some). The design component did not use multiple media. Sadly for me, it was the promise of mixed media with stitch that motivated me to buy this book.

    (Posted on 1/31/12)

    One of my favorite new books! Review by Lynda Heines

    Once I received this book, I could not put it down. In this book, the author shares more than 20 mixed-media and stitching techniques to transform fabric into playful pieces. She begins the book with chapters on materials and tools and color, pattern and inspiration. The following chapter on surface design includes 13 techniques. Some of these include doodling and drawing, graffiti-style letters, building layers of color with paints, wet-on-wet painting, easy screenprinting, and fusing plastic. Her stitching techniques chapter includes eight ways of stitching including free-motion, stitching over patterned and painted surfaces, establishing line, contrast, and color, freehand and expressive drawing, journaling and writing, sewing with alternative patterns, graffiti quilting, and building stitched layers. All of the techniques are clearly explained with detailed instructions and helpful color photos. With each technique, she also shows other examples in her Go Wild section. The projects chapter puts all of what she teaches in the earlier chapters into instructions for finished items. Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelet, Obi-Style Wrap Belt and Cozy Jersey Scarf are just three of the projects. The projects are clearly explained. She even has sketches on adding that dreaded zipper to her Graffiti Zipper Bag. After fighting with my zipper, it was nice to see her illustrations and instructions. In addition to all of this, there is a DVD where we can watch her show us a few of the techniques and a bonus project. I really loved that part and tried a couple of her techniques. When a book can get me to drop everything and try a technique or make something

    (Posted on 8/23/11)