Sewing Beads on Fabric: a comprehensive guide to beaded fabric embellishing On Demand Web Seminar

Join Nancy Eha as she teaches you how to successfully sew beads on to fabric to create stunning embellishments on quilts and more.
OnDemand Webinar

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About the Web Seminar


First attempts at fabric beading can be very frustrating without knowledge of proper supplies and beading techniques. Perhaps you have struggled with fraying thread, beads that will not lay flat, puckering fabric, or endless rethreading of the needle every time you remove a bead from the fabric? You can find solutions to these problems, become a confident beader, really enjoy your time beading, and produce professional looking results armed with the information provided in this web seminar


Nancy will share her 20+ years of beading experience and knowledge. She has spent countless hours asking “What if” questions of fabric and beads and now you can reap the benefits of her experimentations. No matter what weight of fabric or what fabric based project you want to bead, she has the answers and can guide you to beading success!


What You’ll Learn

  • To prepare and stabilize sheers, wovens, knits, and quilts for beading
  • Why having the right beads and beading supplies is crucial to success
  • Nancy's top beading tips save you time and frustration
  • Several easy to master beading stitches and view how to use them on diverse and inspiring applications



Nancy Eha, also known as The Beading Queen to her students, has taught thousands worldwide. She enjoys sharing her knowledge, passion, and pleasure for the subject of beading on fabric with others. Her articles and beading have been featured in scores of magazines and books, including several Quilting Arts issues. Nancy has written two fabric beading books which include beading basics, and also her new innovative beading techniques such as crazy beading and elevated beading.


She uses beads as primary focal points on fabric not to add “mere sparkle”. Some describe her work as “obsessively beaded”, and she agrees. Nancy continues to develop innovative beading techniques as she explores “bead physics” and create magical works of art.


Who Should Download?

  • Needleworkers who want to add beading to their creations.
  • Those who make wearables, and need to know special beading considerations for apparel.
  • Makers of pillows, runners, and other home décor; who need beading questions answered.
  • Quilters including art and crazy quilters, who want to add beading to their quilts.
  • Beaders who make jewelry or needlewoven beadwork, and want to learn to bead on fabric.

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Runtime: 60 Minutes