Sewing books inspire, instruct, and illuminate. They’re filled with sewing patterns for women, children, the home, and more, and sewing techniques such as embellishment and embroidery. Discover incredible sewing books that cover sewing for beginners, novices, and everyone in between. When you need inspiration, there’s nothing like opening a sewing book and browsing through the pages. In no time, a color, texture, project, or process will spark an idea that gets the ideas flowing again . . . often in a direction you never thought to go before.

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  1. Making Cushions & Pillows

    Making Cushions & Pillows

    Knit, stitch and sew stunning cushions and pillows for your home with these contemporary designs! Learn More

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  2. Designer Cross Stitch Projects

    Designer Cross Stitch Projects

    Designer Cross Stitch Projects offers more than 100 vibrant designs, inspired by current fashion and interiors trends and bursting with color. Learn More

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  3. Sewing Leather Accessories

    Sewing Leather Accessories

    This book shows you how to sew your own finely crafted leather accessories that will last for years and years of use. Learn More

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  4. Mollie Makes Weddings

    Mollie Makes Weddings

    Mollie Makes Weddings is filled with unique crafty projects to help you personalize your big day. You'll find ideas for handmade lino-cut stationery, cake toppers, ring pillows, banners, and much more! Learn More

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  5. Craft Tree Sewing eBook Bundle

    Craft Tree Sewing eBook Bundle

    Get 142 sewing patterns from the back issues of Stitch with this Craft Tree eBook Bundle, now 60% off! Learn More


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  6. Housewarming Patchwork

    Housewarming Patchwork

    Discover 77 patchwork pattern motifs from traditional to contemporary to inspire your quilting and sewing projects. Learn More

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  7. Improv Sewing

    Improv Sewing

    These 101 creative sewing projects can all be completed in less than a day--some in less than an hour! Playful and inventive, the projects include clothing for all ages, accessories, home decor items, and furnishings. Learn More

    Item Number: T1988

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  8. One-Yard Wonders

    One-Yard Wonders

    The book presents a delightful array of simple, stylish projects that can be made with just a single yard of fabric - from apparel to accessories, from plush toys to pet beds, from baby items to bags, and from home decor to "Happy Birthday" banners. Learn More

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  9. Stitch It for Fall

    Stitch It for Fall

    A gorgeous collection of seasonal quilting and stitching designs from top fabric designer Lynette Anderson. Learn More

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  10. Mollie Makes Woodland Friends

    Mollie Makes Woodland Friends

    Create home accessories, toys, gifts, and cards using sewing techniques such as crochet, embroidery, sewing, and more. Learn More

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