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  1. Hexagon Hostess Apron

    Hexagon Hostess Apron

    Need a stash-busting sewing project? This one-of-a-kind hostess apron is the perfect way to use up beautiful fabric. Learn More

    Item Number: EP6423

    Availability: Download Now


  2. Poetry Skirt

    Poetry Skirt

    Hand-embroider your favorite poem on a simple-to-make circle skirt with a frayed hem for a unique take on a classic silhouette. Learn More

    Item Number: EP5314

    Availability: Download Now

    Was: $4.00

    Sale: $1.00

  3. Summer Weekend Dress

    Summer Weekend Dress

    Sew up a pretty summer frock perfect for a weekend getaway. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4591

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  4. Border Skirt

    Border Skirt

    The contrast border on this versatile skirt is assembled from multiple pieces oriented in different directions. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4592

    Availability: Download Now


  5. Suede Appliqued Skirt

    Suede Appliqued Skirt

    Add a designer touch to a simple wool skirt by stitching faux-suede appliqués and a scalloped border to the hem. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4029

    Availability: Download Now


  6. Spiral Skirt

    Spiral Skirt

    This quick and easy cotton jersey skirt gets its fun attitude from the contrast spiral-stitched accent. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4047

    Availability: Download Now


  7. Easy-Fit Babydoll Dress

    Easy-Fit Babydoll Dress

    You will love this dress for its easy fit and simple construction. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4044

    Availability: Download Now


  8. Curved Zip Skirt

    Curved Zip Skirt

    Get in touch with your inner flirt in this high-waist, zipper-happy skirt! Learn More

    Item Number: EP4052

    Availability: Download Now


  9. Panel Block Skirt

    Panel Block Skirt

    Mix a fun home décor print with a solid fabric in this flattering skirt featuring a modern shape. Learn More

    Item Number: EP3356

    Availability: Download Now


  10. One Pleat Skirt

    One Pleat Skirt

    This fun twist on a simple A-line skirt features a single pleat accented with three buttons. Learn More

    Item Number: EP2944

    Availability: Download Now


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