Shape Shape Sewing Clothing Patterns to Wear Multiple Ways

Explore 19 versatile garments and accessories that prove minimalist style can be worn multiple ways

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From graphic designer–turned–fashion designer Natsuno Hiraiwa comes Shape Shape, an ingenious collection of signature vests, collars, blouses, tops, skirts, and shrugs that can all be worn in a variety of ways and that are created for sewists of all skill levels. Designs feature draping and fastening fabric cut from single flat cloth, artfully twisting fabric, and folding fabric in origami-like fashion.

You’ll find unique construction guidance, one-of-a-kind garments that are fit for all ages, as well as a pattern insert. Shape Shape offers everything you need to sew minimally constructed designs with maximum visual impact
Table of Contents

1. Sleeveless Scarf Blouse
2. Reversible French Sleeve Blouse
3. Spiral Scarves
4. Flared Wave Skirt
5. Drawstring Low Waist Pants
6. Free-Style Curved Stole
7. Detachable Pocket Button Down
8. Contrasting Cuff Button Down
9. Reversible Faux Collar
10. Two-Way Stole
11. Asymmetrical Apron Skirt
12. Folded Shrug
13. Cascade Skirt
14. Reversible Circle Vest
15. Four-Way Tie Scarf
16. Twist and Drape Blouse
17. Two-Way Tote Bag
18. Reversible Wrap Skirt
19. Envelope Messenger Bag

Project Instructions
Technique Glossary
About the Author
Natsuno Hiraiwa combines her formal training in fashion design with her background in graphic design to create artistic garments. She studied fashion design for three years in Paris and majored in graphic design at art college in Japan.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Natsuno Hiraiwa

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596683556

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Customer Reviews

Pretty to look at but not terribly useful. Review by Ann Taecker

I purchased this after looking at the Interweave store preview, primarily interested in garments. (well not really the gangster pants on the cover but one of the skirts looked interesting) On first look once it arrived, I was disappointed at the lack of garments and the ones there are really not all that inspired. Decided to keep it anyway. I'm a very experienced seamstress and would experiment with one or two of the shapes. Tonight I pulled out the pattern sheets. There are two of them. TWO large pieces of paper printed front and back. Outside of the small spiral scarf pattern being shaded, every pattern uses the same solid outline, same weight, exact same line for every piece. All layered on top of each other. I tried to follow one piece and it was a nightmare. If you are a book collector and you are interested in some new eye candy, this may suit your fancy. If you prefer for your library to be functional, I'd find a book to preview before purchasing and then decide. To me, it was sadly disappointing. The "patterns" nailed the coffin shut. The book will be returned. Sorry Interweave, I expected so much more from you.

(Posted on 2/15/12)