Metalsmith Essentials: Shell Forming for Jewelry Making with Hammers and Stakes with Andrea Harvin-Kennington

Join metalsmith Andrea Harvin-Kennington and learn how to form flawless metal shapes that can be combined into stunning floral motifs! With expert tool recommendations, technique information, and more, this is a must-have video workshop!

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Metalsmith Essentials: Shell Forming for Jewelry Making with Hammers and Stakes with Andrea Harvin-Kennington DVD
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Metalsmith Essentials: Shell Forming for Jewelry Making with Hammers and Stakes with Andrea Harvin-Kennington Download in HD

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You'll love this if:

  • You want to learn how to form metal towards itself and in opposing directions.
  • You want to explore ways to layer metal to create floral designs.
  • You are interested in advancing your metalsmithing skills and learning how to manipulate metal.

Make your metal three-dimensional with micro shell forming!

Manipulate and move metal with steps for this technical skill.

Join acclaimed metalsmith Andrea Harvin-Kennington for her workshop that shrinks shell forming down to a smaller size for jewelry making. Uncover important steps, materials, and considerations for successfully adding micro shell forming to your jewelry designs.

Discover how to curve metal in the same direction and create small synclastic forms efficiently. Then, examine how metal moves in opposing directions and make breathtaking anticlastic forms. Once you master the synclastic and anticlastic technique, mix them together in a single project to add elegant dimension to your metal jewelry designs. Learn how to strategically layer these structural metal forms within one another to create delicate floral pieces and other motifs.

Order your copy of this must-have video workshop today to:


  • Learn what to look for (and not) as you form tapered tubes, or spiculums, and synclastic and anticlastic shapes from metal.
  • Discover the right tools for forming your metal effectively with detailed tool recommendations and tips (including creating your own anticlastic form from a scrap piece of wood).
  • Watch as Andrea demonstrates these metalsmithing skills and draws helpful illustrations to clarify the necessary steps.
  • See how metal moves and can be shaped with up-close shots and step-by-step directions.
  • And more!


About the artist:

Metalsmith Andrea Harvin-Kennington has been involved in the metals industry for more than 25 years. She earned her MFA in Metals Design from East Carolina University in 1994 and apprenticed with Betty Helen Longhi from 1995-1997. During her apprenticeship, Andrea began teaching at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art, and taught there until 2010. She has owned and operated Kennington Designs since 1994. In 2009, Andrea established NC Black Co. in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where she and her team craft micro-tools for metalworking.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Andrea Harvin-Kennington

ISBN 13: 9781620337172

Customer Reviews

An authoritative DVD on Micro Shell Forming Review by AL

I was intrigued by the title of “shell Forming.” I was not disappointed with this DVD! Andrea shares her wealth of knowledge with you in logical steps that make any artist feel like they can create these same designs. I was able to really see how to create synclastic and anti clastic forms, and layer them together to create truly beautiful jewelry designs. Thank you Andrea; I can’t wait to bring these techniques to my studio!

(Posted on 7/10/14)

Fabulous! Review by Carol

This DVD left me wanting more...You knew from the very beginning that you were being taught by someone extremely knowledgeable on this subject. You can feel it when someone is passionate about the work. I was happy about the information on all of the hammers and while I might not be able to get them all at once a spiculum and a closing will get you started. Of course who doesn't want ALL the toys!!

(Posted on 7/9/14)

Thank you Donna Review by Lynsey

Thank you for such an informative review. Once more I have been saved from buying a video download, only to find out too late that the tools required would be far beyond my pocket. It would be so much more helpful if we were allowed to see what tools and supplies are required before buying what looks like a very interesting video in the preview, only to be so disappointed in the end.

I recently purchased a download for a beautiful bangle, and during the brief preview the tutor only said that it was fairly straightforward and that 'most people would already have the tools'. Not so - I needed a flex shaft and a multitude of polishing and finishing equipment that I don't have and can't afford. Although I do have a fair number of tools, I can't hope to own absolutely everything, and with jewellery making the list of 'must haves' would be endless if you let it be.

I was so disappointed, as the bangle was beautiful. On the plus side, my money was refunded without question, even though the product was a download.

(Posted on 6/4/14)

Disappointing Review by jules

I'm so disappointed with this video. The HD download version is terrible quality. The sound is a good 10 sec. behind the visual so I have no idea what she's talking about when she's pointing out details. The video is pixelated throughout.
Also, this video feels a lot like an advertisement for her store and tools. She points out many times throughout the video that she developed the tools and sells them at her store, and 3x's that the bench pin is from Knew Concepts. I absolutely want to know what tools the instructor is using, but it should already be on the pdf (which also didn't download properly) and a mention at the beginning, but this was overboard and distracting.

(Posted on 6/1/14)

It was an interesting video But! Review by Donna

I watch this whole video and found that she did not make a point to tell you which hammer she was using. She explained what hammers they carry but not which ones she actually uses and not consistently, so I had to watch the whole video to see if I could determine what the outlay for tools would be. I can't download the PFD file so I don't know what the supplies are as she showed all the hammers that her company makes. I am not against selling your product but please when we pay to learn a technique tell us exactly which tools we will ACTUALLY be using. She is very talented and her work is gorgeous but if she told us what hammer she was using and the size as much as she said the word Booshing (sp?) then this would have gotten 5 stars. Maybe the supplies should be in the description so you would know what tools will be use for this video. There is 14 hammers that I saw that she used. I went on her website and the cheapest hammer is $36 and that is for a closing hammer. The rest run about $55 and up to $70. From what I could deduce is that if I bought every hammer and mallet she mentioned and used it would cost me around $643.00 with the 3 blocks and no stakes. Those are just the ones I think she used because at the end she kept changing mallets and not telling which ones it was.
I love moving metal with hammers and she does a good job explaining what you are doing and why but there should be some discount or minimal set you could purchase so you can achieve these pieces.
There is no way I can afford $643. in hammers and mallets so I am deciding whether I am going to ask for a refund. I had this problem with this other fold forming DVD. They should make it small for beginners. Not everyone is rich. Maybe use 2 or 3 hammers and show everything you can do with them and then be able to by them at a discount because they have the video and then they can add on from there. Maybe use what is common and the most versatile. Sorry to sound like a Debbie downer but I was very sad to see that there is no way I can afford to make these pieces. She even jokes about if you can't afford the hammer to make your own like she did......Really!

(Posted on 6/1/14)