Silver in Quartz Cabochon

Cut into silver-in-quartz and make beautiful silver-veined cabochons.

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With some basic knowledge of lapidary equipment, make beautiful cuts in quartz cabochon. Reap the rewards in stone-cutting by learning to see the big picture, and receive step-by-step instructions on turning an ordinary piece of quartz into something beautiful.


Required Materials: Thin and thick Super Glue, Devcon, White elk hide, sapphire powder, Zam buffing compound, Water aid or oil for slab/trim saw, Oxy rocks (if desired).

Tools Needed: Lapidary saw with a diamond blade, Lapidary machine with the appropriate grit wheels to grind and sand your cabochons, Lapping wheel, Cement coated nails, Drilled wooden block. See project for complete list.

Originally Published: Lapidary Journal Jewelry ArtistJanuary 2010

SKU: EP2553

Author/Speaker/Editor: John Hartman

Format: eProject