Sketchbook Keeping for Fiber Artists

Keep ideas, inspiration, and technique samples in a sketchbook format - be inspired by the ideas and creativity in this eBook.
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Sketching is a valuable tool for all artists.

The keeping of ideas, inspiration, and technique samples in sketchbook format is not new—but its influence in the art quilting community has become much more prominent in recent years.


Keeping one’s work in this format is now commonplace, and the books created by fiber artists are occasionally even shared and displayed along with the work. Fiber art sketchbooks are prized for not only their inspiration, but also for their individual beauty and creativity.


This collection of articles celebrates the role of the sketchbook in the art quilt world, and will inspire many more artists to commit their ideas and inspiration to the page.

Highlights of this eBook include:

  • All digital format makes it easy to access, let's you zoom to get more detail, and never wears or tears.
  • Sketchbook Quilts by JJ Foley
  • The iPad as Sketchbook by Lisa Thorpe
  • Why Keep a Sketchbook? by Linda and Laura Kemshall
  • Sketchbook Keeping for Textile Artists by Jane LaFazio
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Thread sketching projects from top to bottom: "Summer Hues" by Leslie Rego, "Garden" by Annie Helmericks-Louder, "Butterfly" by Lisa Thorpe, "Portrait" by Lisa Thorpe.

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