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Sock Knitting Master Class Innovative Techniques + Patterns from Top Designers

New socks in a snap! Sock Knitting Master Class showcases the methods of 16 top designers for creating original and artistic socks, featuring brand new designs. You'll start off learning what goes into designing and knitting a great sock, then dive into 18 spectacular patterns featuring the widest variety of techniques yet.

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With patterns divided into two sections by top-down and toe-up construction, Sock Knitting Master Class explores techniques, such as cables, twisted stitches, lace, stranded colorwork, entrelac, shadow knitting, and intarsia worked in the round. You'll discover inventive ways to start and end socks, shape heels and toes, and knit soles. With Sock Knitting Master Class, you?ll be knitting like the pros in no time!

Sock Knitting Master Class is an all-star assembly of the most inventive and exciting designers working with socks today, including Cookie A, Kathryn Alexander, Nancy Bush, Cat Bordhi, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Anne Hanson, Melissa Morgan-Oakes, Meg Swanson, Anna Zilboorg, and many more! As a bonus, you will also learn how each yarn contributes to the overall design from Clara Parkes. From best-selling author, Ann Budd, Sock Knitting Master Class offers a one of a kind opportunity for knitters to learn from the best and brightest in the knitting world, while sporting the latest and greatest in sock fashions.

On a bonus enclosed DVD, Ann showcases all you need to know to knit fun, inventive socks, including a few special tricks and tips from this master sock knitter. You’ll find the DVD a great companion to learning both top-down and toe-up techniques.


About the Author

Ann Budd is the best-selling author of The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. She is also the author of Getting Started Knitting Socks, Interweave Presents Knitted Gifts, Knitting Green, and Simple Style, and coauthor of Bag Style, Color Style, Lace Style, and Wrap Style. She is a book editor and the former senior editor of Interweave Knits. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Finalist in the Reader's Choice Awards for Best Knitting Book of 2011.
"Budd’s latest book is a trove of expertise, with patterns from 15 of the craftiest sockistas around, no surnames necessary.  Every project adheres to the holy trinity of custom sock knitting—fit, comfort, aesthetics." - Cheryl Krementz, Yarn Market News
"Ann Budd is at it again.  She’s pulled together another great collection of patterns, this time from master sock designers.  There are 17 sock designs, and there isn’t one I wouldn’t love to wear." - Cindy Koepke, Knitcircus
"It seems like just about all the big names in knitting -- particularly sock knitting -- are featured in Ann Budd's excellent new book "Sock Knitting Master Class".  In addition to the fantastic patterns, which offer a wide variety of options for both toe-up and top-down knitters (and even one sock that goes both directions), an introductory section covers just about all you'd ever need to know about some of the design choices that go into making a sock." – Guide to Knitting
"If the designers aren't enough to draw you in, there's much more in here for sock novices and sock aficionado alike.  With topics like sock design, toe up and top down construction, and the best bind offs for toe-up socks, this book will take you from zero to sock in no time." – KnitPurl yarn shop (Portland, OR)
"This book is a really valuable collection of patterns and techniques that any sock knitter will use again and again.” – Jenny,
"I’m really glad to have this book because it has so many patterns, from lace to cable to colorwork, and the socks are all beautiful.  Also, the techniques have plenty of charts, diagrams and photographs to make learning easy." – Pamela MacKenzie,
"The facts alone will make you want this book: 15 of the knitting world’s best sock designers, 18 sock designs, Ann Budd talking basic how-tos and design tips and Clara Parkes talking sock yarn.  All of the technique and yarn information is so well organized and thought out that a knitter could read the book and not knit a single sock and still come away having learned a lot about sock knitting." –
"...the patterns! Beautiful, yet functional stitch designs and fun colors." – Knitting Editor
"It's not often that I scoop a book from the top of the review pile and take it home with me, and it's even less common for me to sit down and read it right away.  But with sock knitting on my mind, I was intrigued, so last night I sat down to peruse this over a cup of tea.  I was absolutely delighted to see that the first chapter of the book is devoted to explaining the whys and wherefores of sock construction.  Top-down or toe-up?  She's got it covered.  Heel flap, short row or afterthought heel?  Ditto.  Want to choose from a pointed toe, a spiral or star toe, or a toe band?  She's got your back with that, too.  This book seems like just the right foundation for someone who's ready to strike out on their own – even if the starting place is just switching out the heel or toe treatment for one that suits them better." – Austen Gilliland, craft editor,
"You think you already know everything there is to know about socks?  After all, there are a multitude of sock books on the market these days, perfectly good books.  You know everything. you really?  Most (though not all) sock books I own are either filled with patterns with not a whole lot of time spent on technique, or they’re full of guidance but with blah patterns.  Of course, some do hit the balance between pattern and technique.  Some are fairly exhaustive, in fact, and you may already have them on your shelves.  But...they’re not THIS book.  First, this book is by Ann Budd, a genius in our time.  Master Class is the right name!" –
"Some features I particularly like in the book: each pattern has a box listing the different techniques used in the pattern; an overview of different styles of creating parts of the sock, such as a few different heel types, toes, and cuff treatments; both top-down and toe-up construction techniques.  If you are looking for some great new sock patterns or just looking to get started knitting socks, this book is sure to have what you need." – A Woolie Tale yarn shop
"If you're a fan of socks and of learning more about how to put together socks successfully, this one is a must-read." - Guide to Knitting
"Fifteen top designers, seventeen brand-new patterns, and an instructional DVD by Ann Budd--wahoo!  Put this book on your holiday hint list or buy it now.   Ann Budd is at it again.  She’s pulled together another great collection of patterns, this time from master sock designers.  There are 17 sock designs, and there isn’t one I wouldn’t love to wear.” - Knit 'N Style

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Ann Budd

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596683129

Number Of Pages: 184

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Customer Reviews

Sock Designing Master Class by Ann Budd Review by NULL NULL

An EXCELLENT publication I will use forever. Ann is a superb teacher and speaker and I found the DVD to be an excellent learning tool; however, it could use a little help. First, the glint off Ann's glasses was very distracting. Second, showing the techniques from underneath the work in progress was very confusing, and lastly every now and then the technique being demonstrated would move out of the picture frame. I would recommend this book in a heartbeat.

(Posted on 9/4/11)

Sock Knitting Master Class Review by Deborah Silverman

I adore this book! The clearly written and descriptive text is unlike any other book I have seen about sock knitting. I even taught myself the Old Norwegian Cast-On from this book and I am strictly a visual learner! The illustrations are beautiful and there are instructions for heels and toes that I have not seen before. This book is going to be my new Sock Bible!! I think I had better buy a second copy right now as this first copy is going to quickly be worn out... Thank you, Ann Budd!! P. S. My sister in law is buying one this weekend!

(Posted on 7/12/11)

100++++ Stars Ann Budd ROCKS! Review by Mickey Van Pelt

The DVD alone is amazing, I wish I would have had this when I first started knitting years ago, Ann Budd demonstrates the techniques like she is in my living room with me, I caught myself asking a question to my tv screen, and she actually demonstrated that in the next moment!! The book is beautifully done, the title says it all, Master Class in the techniques you will learn (from beginner up not just the hard stuff and masterpieces in the sock designs from the top Master designers today.

(Posted on 7/9/11)

Sock Knitting Master Class Review by Sue Reall

I pre-ordered this book and it came yesterday. If you are a sock knitter, as I am, you will love this book. It comes with a DVD which I have watched, and am going to watch again. It contains so much informaiton and Ann Budd shows you how to do techniques, explains the needles you can use, demonstrates various cast on, one of which I had not seen. The patterns are all different and use lots of techniques. I am looking forward to trying out most of the patterns and will try to follow her blog on this.

(Posted on 7/6/11)