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Sockupied Presents: Darning Methods to Save Your Socks

Learn how to contain the damage, prevent the damage from spreading, and how to strengthen the weakened areas in your knitted socks with this quick video presented by Sockupied

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Sockupied Presents: Darning Methods to Save Your Socks

The more beloved a pair of handknitted socks, the more likely you are to wear a hole in the fabric.


Learn two ways of mending holes in soles, heels, and toes with this video on preserving knitted fabric


The basic goals of any mending method are to contain the damage, preventing it from spreading; and strengthen the weakened area (or create completely new fabric where there is none left). Choose between the classic weaving method and the reknitting (also known as Swiss darning or duplicate stitch method) to reinforce worn areas and give new life to your favorite footwear.

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Customer Reviews

the "right" way to accomplish these repairs Review by Peg

I have been taught as a child how to darn, but Eunny adds a framework to keep your stitches organized and your finished project strong enough to wear again. Her description is thorough and clear. This video shows you how to get a successful mend. I am a very experienced knitter and appreciated having the fine points shown.

(Posted on 3/29/14)

Has the video problem been fixed? Review by Andrea

Fix it and update the description and I'd purchase it. As it is, the current reviews make it virtually a certainty that no one will buy it as is.

(Posted on 1/13/14)

I agree with Review by Patricia. Review by Lynn

I just purchased the toe up bindoff one and it's the same. Have seen it in others too.

(Posted on 11/24/13)

Godd technique BAD video Review by Patricia

Eunny Jang is excellent and assertive when showing the Darning techniques. She takes the time to repeat each step so the viewer can grasp what she is showing however the video shows her from the side where her hands cover the needle movements. It is unforgivable that professional crafts video makers do not use the images take from above the anchor/expert. I cannot see a reason for this being done on purpose... A waste of your $4.99!!!

(Posted on 11/14/13)