Sonoran Dendritic Pendant

One of a kind, and delicately designed, discover the steps you need to craft this pendant at home. from cutting the gemstone to elegantly setting it.

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Mix your lapidary and Metalsmithing skills with this detailed pendant project. Master all the steps involved to boost your Metalsmithing and lapidary skills as you elegantly cut and then set a custom created cabochon with asymmetrical shape and unique natural coloring. Accent the pendant with floral motif to create a project that will stun onlookers.

Required Materials:

Sonoran dendritic rhyolite rough or slab
8+" sterling square or round wire, 2.0mm diameter
Sterling sheet to fit the stone size
18 gauge sterling sheet, ½" x ½"
7" 4.5mm x 18ga (1.0mm) sterling wire
18K yellow gold
Hard and medium silver solder
Hard 8K yellow gold solder
Dental floss
Batterns Self Pickling Flux©, boric
acid and denatured alcohol mixture
(fire coat)
LAYOUT: MM gauge, ruler
Jewelers saw, 3/0 saw blades, bow pliers (modified), round nose pliers, round/flat nose pliers, chasing hammer, forging hammers, bezel punch, 000 graver, tungsten carbide drawplate, inside ring files in 2/0 and 4/0 cuts, needle files in half round and rat tail in 2/0 and 4/0 cuts, sinusoidal stake, dapping block and punches, vice, dead blow hammer, hallmark stamps, rolling mill with wire and flat rollers
Thin soldering tweezers, pickle pot with pickling solution, copper tongs, sonic cleaner, steam cleaning unit, solder snips, propane/oxygen torch outfit, solder pick
OTHER: Cut Lube©, engravers block,
1mm drill bit, flex shaft
Cratex© wheels from Otto Frei, polishing lathe with small cotton buffs, hard felt lap, triple row bristle brush, hard and soft small single row bristle brushes, end bristle brushes, tripoli polishing compound, green rouge
Gemstone template,aluminum pencil or micro Sharpie, Genie grinding outfit, super premium cerium oxide, felt lap
Originally Published: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, May/June 2012

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Author/Speaker/Editor: John Heusler

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