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Spin-Along Fiber Club Kit #3

With this fiber club kit you will get 4 ounces of various bamboo fibers and a spinning wheel first-aid kit that includes an oil bottle, beeswax, and an extra drive band.

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Welcome to SPIN-ALONG, Spin-Off’s fiber club—designed especially for having fun, learning stuff, and making yarn.


What you have here are four different examples of the things people can do to fool Mother Nature.


Three of the fibers are based on bamboo, that lovely, sustainable, fast-growing plant. Here's a look at all the fiber's included in this kit:

  • Bast Bamboo
  • Rayon Bamboo
  • Cashmere Bamboo (rayon bambook/merino blend)
  • Firestar

What's the difference between these fibers?


You can treat bamboo like flax by removing all of the tough outer shell. This leaves the long, supple, reasonably soft inner fibers for spinning. You can treat it like viscose rayon, reducing it to a mushy state with chemical treatments, and then extrude it through spinnerets. The spinnerets can vary in size or shape, so this form of bamboo might vary, depending on where you get it. It feels so very different from the more textural bast bamboo – soft as a cloud, almost like cashmere. Finally, you can take this lovely soft fluff and blend it with another fiber of similar grist and length. In this case, it’s blended with Merino wool.

Can you tell the difference between the viscose (rayon) bamboo and the blend? Your fingers will tell you, or look at them through a strong magnifying glass. If in doubt, set them on fire – but BE CAREFUL! With the burn test, you will smell the wool.


Finally, and this will require no sleuthing to identify, is Firestar. That’s a nylon that has been extruded in such a way that the edges catch light and sparkle.


'We hope you’ll share your spinning experiences. You will find a special forum on Spinning Daily. Just go to Post your comments, read what your fellow spinners are doing, post photos of your yarn or your finished or half-finished project. We’re saving a page in the Fall issue of Spin·Off to present some of your results.


In this package you will also find a little spinning wheel first aid kit to take along with you wherever you go to spin. The little kit includes:

  • Beeswax
  • A drive band
  • An oil bottle with small needle

Plus, you will get discount coupons from six of our special friends in the fiber business. Most of them have deadlines, so use them now.


What is the SPIN-ALONG Fiber Club?


Every 3-4 months we will bring you a brand new batch of fibers to try out ranging from sheep wool to alpaca to mohair to silk. This is the perfect opportunity to try out fibers you have been hesitant about or may have never heard of!


This is currently not a subscription based club*, so when you purchase the kit you are not signing up for any sort of long-term commitment. However, if you buy the kit now, you will be one of the first to learn about the next kit and will get first opportunity to order.


The next SPIN-ALONG package will be ready in about three months, and it will be completely different from this one. We hope you will stay with us.


*Please note that we can in the future become a subscription based club, where you would be regularly charged for our kits and automatically sent the next kit when it is available. We are not set-up to do that at the moment. If we do move to a subscription based club we will have clear messaging to inform you. Any kit purchase before the subscription is put into place does not mean you will be automatically added to the subscription. You will be notified and will have the option of signing up at that time.

SKU: T5407

Format: Kit

SKU: T5407

Format: Kit