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Spin-Off Presents: Spin Your Socks 2 eBook

Following the popularity of the first Spin Your Socks eBook, Spin-Off magazine presents 7 more sock knitting patterns and tips and techniques for spinning and knitting socks in Spin Your Socks 2.

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spin your socks 2 eBook Spacer 20x20 pixels Spin-Off Magazine Presents:
Spin Your Socks 2 eBook!

Following the popular premiere Spin Your Socks eBook comes the second installment of socks perfect for handspun yarn. In Spin Your Socks 2, Spin-Off magazine presents 7 more sock patterns, and more tips and techniques for spinning and knitting socks. 

Everyone has a different philosophy about how to spin yarn for the perfect knitted sock, and there's no consensus. There are several viewpoints presented in Spin Your Socks 2 from past issues of Spin-Off, promising to be a helpful start to coming up with your own philosophy to spin and knit the perfect, cozy pair of socks.  

From basic info and spinning, tips for starting your first knitted sock pattern, and various intermediate to advanced sock patterns for all levels, this eBook is one that spinners and knitters should have in their collection.  

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Be warned: spinning and knitting socks with handspun can be very addictive.

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Customer Reviews

well done eBook "Spin Your sock 2" Review by Dale

So good to be able to review the things that were once learned and which have slipped into the background. I have enjoyed it greatly.

(Posted on 11/21/13)