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With Spin-Off you find the best tips and techniques for beginner to advanced spinners on all aspects of spinning. We’ll help you choose the right wheel; understand the basics of selecting, preparing, and spinning fibers.

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The Perfect Yarn For Your Project

Now you can master the art of spinning fiber into yarn with Spin•Off magazine. Spinning your own yarn allows you to create beautiful one-of-a-kind yarn that is exactly what you need.


By spinning your own yarn you get to call all of the shots to produce the perfect yarn for your project. Do you need a bulky yarn for a rug as bright and colorful as a watermelon, to match those curtains in your daughter’s room? How about lace weight in that perfect color of salmon to surprise your grandmother?


Even if it’s for that sweater you are making for yourself, it's no wonder so many crocheters and knitters love to work with their own handspun yarn. Spin•Off magazine is here to help you learn the ropes. Once you pick it up, we know you won’t want to miss a single issue so order today!
Spinning Fiber
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INSIDE EVERY ISSUE of Spin•Off You'll Find
  • Beautiful photos that are sure to inspire you
  • Spinning basics with lessons for beginners that even avid spinners will love
  • Gorgeous patterns to help you make the most of your handspun yarn
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With the lessons and techniques you learn in Spin•Off, you'll soon be spinning
enough of your own yarn to pay for your subscription many times over!
Spin•Off Has All of the Tools You Need to Create Beautiful Handspun Yarn
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Spinning Techniques, Tips and Tricks You'll Love

Discover helpful techniques that are designed to help everyone, from the beginning spinner to the most advanced. From dyeing your own fibers and plying basics to fiber preparation and combining colored fibers to make novelty yarns, all of your spinning questions are answered. You’ll love the illustrations and descriptions that show exactly what you need in order to apply each technique to your own spinning. 
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Spin•Off's detailed illustrations help you succeed

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Great Patterns in Each Issue

Spin•Off is a wonderful source for lovely easy-to-do patterns using a variety of techniques. Expand your pattern library and find fresh inspiration inside the pages of Spin•Off


Discover great projects like mittens, scarves, socks, and so many more you'll wonder where to start first.


You'll find fresh new patterns in every issue designed to show off your handspun yarns!

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Some people subscribe
just for the patterns
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Get The Latest Information on Spinning Tools
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Each issue of Spin•Off shares with you our latest finds in the world of spinning.

Whether it’s a detailed analysis to help you pick your first (or next) spinning wheel, a new motorized carding machine, or a handy new accessory to hold your beverage close but out of the way while you spin, we strive to give you the latest information on a variety of tools to make your time spent spinning as relaxing and productive as possible.

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Fiber Basics—All About Anything You Can Spin
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This feature is a favorite of spinners everywhere. We take an in-depth look at a new fiber each issue and share that knowledge with you. In one issue we explored the fiber of the Wensleydale Longwool sheep (pictured below) with their long ringlets of wool that hang almost to the ground.


You'll explore the fiber's history, preparation, spinning and care to help you improve your handspun yarn. Wool, exotics, silks, plant fibers, and more!  Explore them all—Subscribe today!

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A Free Virtual Vacation in Every Issue!
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Four times a year you will be delighted by the Armchair Traveler segment in Spin•OffExplore the fiber cultures of communities around the world from the comfort of your own home. 


In the spring issue, go down under with us as we visit Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to explore local fiber-processors and shops.


And just in case you decide to turn your virtual trip into a real one, we make sure you know where to find the best fiber destinations. Experience it for yourself.

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Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for your first issue to arrive, 12-16 weeks internationally.


Reserved Reservation Renewal: Your subscription will be automatically renewed at significant savings off the cover price. We’ll bill you when your subscription is about to expire for the low renewal rate in effect. If you do not wish to renew, write “cancel” on the bill and send it back or call 1-800-835-6187 at any time. This service will continue each year until you tell us to stop.



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"Thank you so much for this great and ever original magazine!"

–P. Hutley, Mackay, Queensland

"I thought I could live without Spin•Off magazine. . .But I found out that I couldn't!

Could you please renew my subscription for 2 years?"

–Roxanne N., Michigan

"Well done and thank you for all the hard work putting this magazine

together for us. I for one appreciate it"

–J. Dove, Victoria, Australia

"Thank you for a great magazine."

–V. Hilburgh, Surprise, Arizona




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