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Spinalong Fiber Club Kit #1

SpinOff's new fiber club, Spinalong is designed for having fun and making yarn. In this kit is 4 ounces of Merino fiber, a color wheel, and tempting coupons from our local manufacturers. Get creative with the fiber and show off your project on the club forum!

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SpinOff's new fiber club, Spinalong is designed for having fun, learning stuff, and making yarn. This is more than just a spinning kit, it's membership to a spinning club!
Enclosed in the kit is 4 ounces of beautiful solid and color-blended Merino fiber representing the three primary colors. Also included is a color wheel and tempting coupons from our local manufacturers. Experiment with the fiber by spinning the fibers separately, together, or even adding something from your personal stash. The possibilities are endless!
Share your questions, comments, and show off your own creations on the new club forum. You can also view fellow spinner's work with the very same fiber kit. Post your project photos and you might even see it in the Spring 2014 issue of SpinOff (deadline December 15, 2013).
We have a limited supply of the fiber so order your Spinalong club kit #1 today!

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Customer Reviews

Fun Challenge, although a little expensive Review by Taneumcg

After reading the previous reviewers comments, I do agree that the price for 4 ounces of fiber is high. I did get the kit with one of the 20% off coupons going at the time, which offset the shipping cost.

As for the fiber, what fun to play with the colors. I spun up a thick&thin single, plied it with another single, using a blend of the colors. Enough for a hat. Will be interesting to see what the next selection will be.

The Interweave coupon will be very useful. Need to check into the others. Happy Spinning!

(Posted on 12/20/13)

cost too much for what you get Review by Debbi

I don't think the "coupons" were something I would have ever "paid " for and if you don't add them in as part of what you are paying for then - 34.98 + shipping is way too much for 4 oz of dyed Marino top. Also- just a few days after I ordered my kit - you put them on sell for half price! What! not cool. Also I did not realize that I was signing up for an automatic re-order! & I don't know when that re-order will happen, it says in a few months. Most re-order clubs tell you up front you will be charged x amount of dollars every x amount of months.
Not pleased at all- Sorry

(Posted on 12/14/13)

too much $ for what you get Review by Sara

Very disappointed in this first SpinAlong Fiber Club offering!

I took a chance on this one, wanting to buy myself something that would be fun to do with spinning and fiber folk by way of the internet. I do not have a lot of money to spend on such things, but this was to be my Christmas treat to myself.

The value of the fiber was about $10 because it is some of the same roving that I have purchased previously for about $8 for 4oz. It is very nice roving and colors are lovely. However, the color wheel and the 3 useless-to-me coupons and shipping certainly did not make up the rest of the cost of this first offering even if you don't have to watch your dollars as closely as I do! I could buy the color wheel at Hobby Lobby for $2, and in fact, I already had one. The coupons offered very little in terms of a discount even if I wanted to use them. I had hoped that they were coupons for free samples of yarn or roving or a neat little tool that I could get as an introduction to a fiber source that I might not have been familiar with.

Because of this, I am doubtful as to whether or not to purchase the second SpinAlong Fiber Kit when it comes out. If it true as the previous reviewer has stated.... that a membership fee was included in the price...and if you only have to pay that once to belong...(and it certainly should have stated this in the description as it is very misleading...are there membership rules out there, btw?!) and the price of the next installment kits are closer to $20 and/or have more value to them, then I will consider it. I do want to be part of an online fiber group that has show and tell, but I am very, very disappointed in the value of this first offering. A lot of money was made off of my purchase, and I could have used it to buy groceries or gasoline with instead.

(Posted on 12/9/13)

nice intro kit Review by Diana

I've been in several fiber clubs, so it's nice to see one with a focus like color theory. Merino top is nice, colors are interesting, bag is nice (who doesn't need another project bag?) Color wheel was a great bonus. The price is a little high for only 4 oz, but I'll wait for kit #2 before deciding to stay or go.

(Posted on 12/9/13)

Availability and pricing Review by Margit

this membership is insufficiently described in intorduction.
Membership includes membership fee, that is nowhere mentioned. Some of us who are tired of being conned even for $5 a year - if that is minute enough, like to see a membership form with all the details before making a purchace. 34.95 can be a ridiculous price, or can be a dream deal, which without the neccessary info one can not evaluate. I assume this product has never been available for 17.48, it is a teaser put on after sold out.
I am writing this feedback, because my request for additional information was ignored, and my questions left unanswered. Hence, I am now left without the opportunity to enroll in this club. I wish all participants a great exerience, sorry to see the obious marketing manipulations ruining it for me.


(Posted on 11/25/13)