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SpinKnit, Fall 2011 eMag for iPad

Take an adventure through the worlds of spinning and knitting in the latest issue of Spinknit, our newest dynamic digital eMag.

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Spinning and knitting go hand in hand: Both are passed from one artisan to another, used to create warm and beautiful fabric. The latest issue of SpinKnit, our latest dynamic digital eMag, explores the work of spinners and knitters around the world. With stunning photography, informative articles, and engaging videos, this eMag is more than just something to read.

Be transported around the world on a tour of fiber. Journey to Forks, Washington and learn the secrets of the Makah and Quileute people's textiles. Discover the cherished sheep of Chiapas, Mexico. Learn the fascinating story of the Bond sheep in the Rocky Mountain region. Cross the ocean to the Orkney Islands and learn about the rare wool of North Ronaldsay sheep. You'll find so many more adventures and tales of fiber to explore.

You'll also take a whorl with Tom Forrester's unique and effective spindles. Join Jacey Boggs who shows you how to create novelty yarn with a purpose. There's so much to learn through SpinKnit!

Don't just read it, experience it! Explore SpinKnit with great features like:

  • 10 Videos that demonstrate gathering fiber from trees, spinning wool, making spindles, and more--plus an extra video of sweet lambs romping that will keep you smiling.
  • 10 Slide shows with stunning photography that capture the essence of the craft (and allow you to zoom in to see detail)
  • 4 Downloadable knitting patterns that are easy to print and take with you.
  • In-depth instruction to help you go even further into the worlds of spinning and knitting

SpinKnit allows you to experience spinning and knitting in a groundbreaking, cutting-edge technology. Change your view of fiber forever with an eMag that is nothing short of extraordinary.


Format: eMag


Format: eMag