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SpinKnit, Winter 2011 eMag for PC and Mac

Enter a world of silk and wool with SpinKnit Winter 2011. Learn spinning and knitting techniques and work with some luxurious fibers with the help of this dynamic eMag.

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The secrets of silk--a lustrous fiber that has been harvested and used for thousands of years in some of the most exquisite items--can now be yours. SpinKnit is back with a brand-new Winter 2011 issue that explores the history, tradition, and uses of silk around the world. This dynamic eMag immerses you in the work of spinners, knitters, and silk experts from all over. With stunning photography, informative articles, and engaging videos, this eMag is a one of a kind experience.

Explore silk, past, present, and future: Discover the rich history of silk cultivation, spinning, and weaving in Mexican villages. Learn how a silkworm's diet affects the colors of the silk it produces (and how scientists are achieving cocoons in colors never seen in nature).

Take silk to the next level by learning different methods of spinning, reeling, and drafting. Michael Cook shows you how to try traditional Lao techniques of reeling right in your own kitchen. Sara Lamb demonstrates how (and why) she spins silk for knitting. Finally, take a break from spinning and draw yarn from mawata (silk hankies or caps).

There's more than just silk in this issue of SpinKnit! Stephenie Gaustad gives step-by-step directions and tips for spinning more than just cotton on a tahkli spindle. Explore a variety of methods for using hand cards--and see why experts don't all agree on the "right" way to card wool by hand. Visit the Imperial Stock Ranch of Oregon and learn about the development of the Columbia sheep--and how they are bringing new life to a historic district.

Don't just read it, experience it! Explore SpinKnit and find great features like:

  • 10 videos that demonstrate preparing silk, working with wool, and spinning a variety of yarns.
  • 8 slide shows  that capture wonderful detail with stunning photography
  • Animations and interactivity that bring the articles and techniques to life
  • 4 all-new patterns that are easy to print
  • In-depth instruction to help you go even further into the world of silk and wool

SpinKnit Winter 2011 allows you to experience the ancient traditions of working with silk in a groundbreaking, cutting-edge technology. Change your view of fiber forever with an eMag that is nothing short of extraordinary.


Format: eMag


Format: eMag

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wonderful information Review by Dale

This eMag is truly amazing. So much information that it needs viewing several times to get it all.

(Posted on 3/4/2014)

(Posted on 3/4/2014)