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SpinKnit Winter 2010 eMag on Disc

Discover a world of fiber firsthand with the premier issue of the SpinKnit eMag, now available on disc.

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Discover a world of fiber firsthand with the premier issue of the SpinKnit eMag, now available on disc. It's beautiful, immersive, and packed with experiences that make reading more fun than ever.


Imagine a magazine that takes you there: learn spinning in the Peruvian highlands, experience how twist energy shapes a garment, or visit an alpaca farm to see an ultra-luxurious new fiber on the hoof. Kaye Collins, Kathryn Alexander, Judith MacKenzie, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and other artists who have shaped our craft are all waiting to meet you through SpinKnit. Learn from them, then hone your skills with beautiful and challenging projects and patterns. SpinKnit brings the world of fiber to you. Now, don’t just read about it—be there!

Intuitive navigation lets you effortlessly explore:

  • 15 Video tours
  • 4 Slide shows that allow you to zoom for details
  • 4 Downloadable knitting patterns that are easy to print and take with you
  • Web resources to help you dig even deeper
  • Interviews with Kaye Collins, Kathryn Alexander, Nilda Callaaupa Alvarez, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and other leaders and legends in the craft

SpinKnit expands the horizons of handspinning and handknitting—a fusion of these ancient crafts with the very cutting edge of digital technology. The experience is nothing short of magical.


SKU: 11SP06

Format: eMag

ISBN 13: 9781596684669

Table of Contents

1. So what is SpinKnit?

SpinKnit is a dynamic digital product called an eMag that you can download off this disc and onto your computer to enjoy on or offline. It requires a simple software application called Adobe® Air® that’s easy to use and is installed on your computer automatically the first time you install an Interweave eMag.

SpinKnit includes articles, videos, gallery slideshows, hyperlinks to inspiring and informative websites, and so much more. With just the click of your mouse, you can watch video interviews and tutorials, view slideshows that let you zoom in to see more, and navigate easily around the eMag.

2. What is the editorial focus of SpinKnit?

Inside SpinKnit you’ll find:

  • In-depth articles on spinning and knitting techniques and traditions and fabulous fibers
  • Video visits to textile destinations and interviews with leaders and legends in the craft
  • Gallery slide shows of places to go and inspiring creations that you can zoom in on to see close-up details
  • Articles with ideas to take your spinning and knitting to the next level
  • Downloadable patterns and projects that you can print out and take with you
  • Links to resources that will help you dig deeper or just enhance your stash
  • Always a healthy dose of whimsy and a dash of fun

3. How is it different from the digital editions of Spin-Off Magazine® or Interweave Knits Magazine®?

SpinKnit is an entirely unique product, separate from our print magazines. Unlike the digital editions of Spin-Off® or Interweave Knits®, which are exact digital replications of the print editions, SpinKnit was developed to provide a multi-media experience, a digital environment that takes lets you see spinners and knitters in action, fibers at the source, and all the fine details of fiber arts. It includes videos, slideshows with zoom options that let you zero in on interesting details, patterns that can be downloaded and printed, links to useful information and products, and other interactive features.

4. Will SpinKnit be available as a print magazine?

Because this was built as a digital product, it will not be printed as a traditional magazine; however, you can certainly print each of the pages. In fact, we hope you will! For instance, you’ll want to print the materials lists and patterns to stick in your bag the next time you go to your local fiber or yarn store.

5. Will the availability of SpinKnit mean that SpinOff Magazine® will stop printing?

Absolutely not! SpinKnit is an entirely separate product, produced in addition to the Spin-Off® and Interweave Knits® publications.

6. I would like to better understand how to view and navigate this eMag. Is there a demo of it I could see in order to do so?

Yes! See the tutorial video below!



Insert this disc into your PC or MAC computer and easily download your eMag today!  Be patient, as it may take a little while to download.
About the Author

"Crystal clear graphics and gorgeous photography… Did I mention it is gorgeous? Well designed and smartly layed-out. Not once did I feel like it was clunky or anti-intuitive. Awesome. Good job, Interweave. Good job." -–Jacey Boggs, spinning instructor, Insubordiknit DVDs 

“Soulful, content rich, using technology where it matters. A dreamy vision of the future, which is apparently now!” –-Liz Gipson, marketing manager for Schacht Spindle Company and author, Weaving Made Easy

“The magazine is beautiful! I love the flow that you're able to have with the various media; it’s great fun.” –-Jillian Moreno, editor,

“SpinKnit is an ambitious and daring product, and one I find very exciting and full of potential. The handspinning teacher in me is purely gleeful and eager to see more. I'll be recommending SpinKnit to anyone who'll listen.” –-Abby Franquemont, author, Respect the Spindle

“If you spin, knit, or spin AND knit - this is a fabulous eMag. To those of you who are paper mag purists, you’ll love this eMag format. It is an edition chock full of color, texture, interesting demonstrations, gorgeous pictures, and amazing articles!” –-Karrie SteinMetz,

“This e-mag, in my opinion, found the right balance between new-and-shiny technological options and the whole point of the magazine--the CONTENT….  I love watching videos of spinning–more than I do knitting videos. Part of that, I think, is because spinning is so dynamic–reading about how drafting is done, how you let the twist into the fiber isn’t always sufficient. No matter how good the writer, it’s hard to describe the process. How wonderful to be able to see exactly what they mean when they talk about Andean double-drafting.” --Deb Boyken,

“When I read fiber-related books and magazines I often want to see how a technique is done or hear a designer in their own not-edited-to-words-on-a-page-voice; this publication lets you do exactly that…. There is nothing like watching and hearing an artist talk about their work – it’s electric and inspiring.” –Jillian Moreno,

SKU: 11SP06

Format: eMag

ISBN 13: 9781596684669