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A Spinner's Toolbox (Video Download)

Instant access to six drafting techniques for crafting any yarn you can imagine with your own two hands.
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As a spinner, your most important, versatile tools are your own skilled hands. With those eight fingers and two opposable thumbs, plus a half-dozen simple techniques for manipulating the fiber supply, you can spin a full suite of yarn styles. The nuts and bolts:

  • Worsted
  • Semi-worsted
  • Woolen
  • Semi-woolen
  • Slub
  • Boucle

You’ll begin by seeing the unlikely possibility of spinning the six different yarns styles with a single fiber preparation. You’ll end by witnessing this revered master spinner, in a miracle of energetic ambidexterity, draft two fiber sources simultaneously into a single strong, lofty, funky novelty yarn. And so can you.


SKU: EP2459

Author/Speaker/Editor: Judith MacKenzie

Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

fabulous introduction to spinning Review by Julia

I have watched this video four times already, and would like to say how helpful it has been with getting a beginner - a total beginner, I might add - to spin both worsted and wool. I love the way Judith Mackenzie calmly explains every step and her love of fiber is obvious in the way she talks and handles the stuff! I have been able to picture small puppy dogs following my fingers back, and tornadoes going into the web to ensure i am on the way to creating what I want to create. Many thanks, Judith :-)

(Posted on 4/17/14)

An excellent DVD Review by Carol

As a new spinner I'm eager for all the information I can get. Judith's DVD has a wealth of information which is explained clearly and her demonstration of the various techniques and terms enabled me to produce some consistently even and fine yarn, after watching it once, without any effort. I amazed myself as previously I could only produce 'interesting' and fairly thick yarn. Now I can choose - thank you!

(Posted on 12/30/13)

Excellent, Review by Virva

I love Judith MacKenzie's DVDs, CDs, books. She presents the information clearly and shows the procedures step by step, easy to follow along. She also shows the beginning and then the finnished product.

(Posted on 12/15/13)

Well Worth Every Penny Review by Barbara Knack

I have to admit, I am very cheap when it comes to purchasing informational books and videos....especially if there is a chance you can get the info for free on the Internet. This video is one that you could search for ever and not obtain the quality information contained in it. Well worth the money. I have this video on both my macbook and ipad and have watched it over and over and over again. Judith does an excellent job of explaining both technical information and hands on techniques of the how and why of spinning. It is both technically and visually informative. A great reference tool for spinning both worsted and woolen yarns. I find myself referring to it each time I spin a new fiber. It explains, what I have long suspected about spinning technique and that is.....there are some rules for spinning i.e. making sure you have the right amount of twist.... but pretty much the bottom line is to produce the yarn you want for your particular project. If the finished product works for you and does what you want it doesn't matter how you get there. Judith just gives you ideas in your own toolbox to try to achieve your end goal.... Excellent, excellent video.

(Posted on 2/16/12)