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Spinning Cotton (DVD)

Cotton was perhaps the most important fiber of the ancient world!

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Cotton was perhaps the most important fiber of the ancient world, clothing more people throughout history than any other. It remains one of the most important fibers today – think underwear and bluejeans! Sheets and towels! Yet cotton has been largely neglected by contemporary spinners in the developed world.  Stephenie Gaustad aims to change all that. In this engaging video, you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare cotton, from boll to batt
  • How to spin cotton with ease and efficiency on a wide range of tools, from tahkli to flyer wheel
  • How to boil off and set twist in preparation for weaving, knitting, or what have you

Along the way, you’ll be treated to fascinating historical asides, to inventive tricks for devising and adapting tools, and to an array of splendid made goods from socks to smocks to household cloths.  


SKU: 10SP12

Author/Speaker/Editor: Stephenie Gaustad

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596684638

Customer Reviews

Fear Cotton no More Review by Lorraine

I am a relatively new spinner and am in the experimental stage of trying to spin all types of fiber. However, thus far cotton is my only defeat. I cannot seem to get the right technique. However, I fear cotton no more after having viewed this video. I am finishing up the tencel that I am currently spinning and then will try my hand at cotton using the knowledge gained from this video.

Very informative and useful.

(Posted on 7/22/14)

very good dvd well done Review by Michael

I have been interested in spinning cotton for awhile now,especially on a gambling spindle. Wasn't sure how,or how to even start. This dvd solved the problem. Or,at least got me started in the right direction. I did my first feeble attempts and after a while it looked possible!!!
I want to thank the Author for the kind words that built up my nerve.
And also the parts that said it takes lots of practice.

(Posted on 12/22/13)

Fantastic video Review by maprice

I got this video because I was (surprise surprise) getting ready to learn how to use my cotton spinning kit. I watched Stephenie and she was so relaxed and confident as she spun, that I actually got up and grabbed my takhli and cotton to work with while watching and listening to her. She has a wonderful way of explaining things, and her personality shines. The video quality is fantastic and the camera gets in close when I wanted it to get in close.

I loved every part of the video and can see a charkha in my future as well as cotton plants thanks to the information Stephenie shared. I would recommend this video to everyone trying to learn more about spinning cotton. It definitely helped me.

(Posted on 7/12/13)

Thank you so much Review by Hussain Salman

I'm very happy that I'm watching this video and also thank you so much for your wonderful work.

(Posted on 6/22/12)

Review by Debra Wolverton

I love this DVD, very informative and easy to follow,with a lot of other useful information in addition to spinning cotton.

(Posted on 10/15/11)

Stephenie Gaustad's "Spinning Cotton" is a winner! Review by Rose Mae Richardson

Informative, Organized, Well-Paced, Well-Photographed! I have been trying to learn to spin cotton on a tahkli with limited success. After viewing this DVD, I was able to incorporate some of Stephenie's techiques resulting in a major improvement to my spinning. I still have a long way to go--but practice makes perfect! :) In this DVD, Stephenie shares some of the history of cotton, discusses its unique properties, shows fiber preparation (seed removal, carding), and then demonstrates spinning on several types of hand spindles and various spinning wheels. The DVD is well organized, informative, and the techniques are clearly photographed. The presentation is permeated with Stephenie's intelligence and gentle humor.

(Posted on 3/20/11)

Spinning Cotton Review by Pandra Moriarty

This was a wonderful video. The information was presented slowly and carefully with precise visuals. The format was easy to follow and easy to go back to, for review. So much information!.....and so nicely presented.

(Posted on 3/4/11)