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Spinning Luxury Fibers (DVD)

From Alpaca and Yak to Cashmere and Silk, learn to spin all these luxury fibers.

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Spinners today have such an abundance of fiber choices, sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin – and to know how to handle these precious materials once you have them in your hands. In this extensive treatment of the best the fiber world has to offer, Master Spinner Judith MacKenzie shares what she’s learned from deep experience in both craft and industry, with a hands-on teaching style that will give you inspiration, confidence, and good results.

This three-disk set covers:

  • Silk, from cocoon to top to noil to magnificent blends
  • Alpaca, both huaycaya and suri
  • Camel
  • Llama
  • Paco-vicuña
  • Yak
  • Bison
  • Cashmere
  • Quivit

You’ll learn how to prepare each fiber, how to spin it, how to finish your yarn, and the fascinating history and lore of each. 


SKU: 10SP09

Author/Speaker/Editor: Judith MacKenzie

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596684591

Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for this wonderful video Review by Hussain Salman

I'm really glad to watch this! Wonderful comments in this video and I'm very interesting to this video. Thank you so much again.

(Posted on 6/22/12)

Spinning Luxury Fibers DVD Review by Deborah Holcomb

I am one of those spinners who basically spins one kind of yarn--a 2-ply semi-worsted--mostly wool. I spin to soothe my soul and although I do use my yarn for knitting and sometimes for weaving, I mostly just pile it in baskets. This video however, has pushed me to be a little more adventurous. I loved Judith MacKenzie's calm, low-key style of demonstration and I've actually started to consider spinning other fibers using different drafting and plying methods depending on the fiber I'm using. I find that these videos have pushed (or maybe I should say, 'gently nudged') my spinning in new directions. I do wish that she could have included actual demonstrations of some of the yarn finishing techniques she describes.

(Posted on 3/15/11)